Area Room Category Name Description Difficulty Video
Norfair Ice Beam Gate Room Any% No Blue Entrance (KPDR) Show Advanced Video
Running under the gates without blue suit lets you Space Jump through the next room. Saves 45ish frames if done right.

You want to press and hold the shot button while in the transition, and when Samus flashes once from having a full charge release both shot and run then arm pump.

When in the next room you need to jump as soon as possible and really low. Then so another SJ as low as possible.
Norfair Ice Beam Gate Room All Ice Mockball Show Beginner Video
To get past the gates without speedbooster, you will need to mockball. A short-hop mockball is not necessary, though the timing is tighter than other rooms, since the ceiling is low.
Norfair Ice Beam Gate Room Any% Ice Escape Mockball Show Intermediate Video
By freezing both green platforms in place next to the second pillar, you can run along the length of them to get enough speed to make it past the gate, using a short-hop mockball.

If you have Speed Booster, you can save time by standing up and running as soon as you're done passing under the first gate.
Norfair Ice Beam Gate Room All Beginner's Ice Escape Show Beginner Video
This technique uses the Bomb Spread technique to launch bouncing bombs up, which destroy the block that's in the way.