Area Room Category Name Difficulty
Wrecked ShipPhantoon RoomAny%Hybrid 2 roundBeginner
The hybrid strat for Phantoon is 2 missiles, 2 missiles, xfactor, 2 missiles, 2 missiles, super missile (2 missiles, 2 missiles, xfactor, 2 missiles, 2 missiles xfactor - this is if you have no super missiles for round 2). When the fight starts, you want to shoot two regular missiles (reds) into Phantoon, then dash to the left wall, do a full jump and at the peak fire two more regular missiles (reds) into Phantoon. Immediately press and hold right and menu over to power bombs. As soon as you are towards the lower portion of Phantoons body you will want to start charging to perform an X-Factor. Continue holding right until you reach the right side wall, you want to make your way to this wall without using dash. Once you reach the wall, perform a full jump (with no spin) this will pull Phantoon to the top of the screen where your X-factor will connect with all four shots. From there you will want to shoot 2 more missiles into Phantoons eye when it opens next, wait a moment, fire two more missiles, and then immediately a super missile. That will finish off Phantoon. If you do not have a super missile to finish the fight, simply repeat the pattern for round 1 and do a double x-factor instead.