Area Room Category Name Description Difficulty Video
Everywhere Any Any% Zoast's Tutorial Show Beginner Video
Zoast's (Zoasty) any% tutorial. More modern but longer and more in depth.
Everywhere Any Reverse Boss Order Zeni's RBO Tutorial Show Intermediate Video
A Playlist Collection of videos I recorded and released to help people with learning/running Single Norfair RBO.
Everywhere Any Any% Zeni's PRKD Tutorial Show Intermediate Video
A Playlist Collection of videos I recorded and released to help people learning/running Any% PRKD
Everywhere Any All Wasteland dessgeega rng manipulation Show Beginner Video
Get the second dessgeega to always jump high
Everywhere Any All Vertical IBJ into CIBJ Show Beginner Video
I'd definitely say the hardest part of this is the CIBJ.
Everywhere Any All Sweetnumb's stutter tutorial Show Beginner Video
Explains stuttering for short charges.
Everywhere Any All Super Short Charge Tutorial Show Beginner Video
This is a tutorial by DbX explaining how to charge a shinespark in a small space.
Everywhere Any All Spikesuit/Flashsuit Tutorial Show Intermediate Video
A little Spikesuit/Flashsuit Tutorial I made for a few people asking for it.
Everywhere Any All Sinking IBJ Show Advanced Video
A quick explanation for the technique behind vertical and diagonal sinking IBJs.
Everywhere Any All Shortcharge Tutorial (2) Show Beginner Video
A second shortcharge tutorial, just in case.
Everywhere Any All Short Charge/Stuttering Tutorial Show Intermediate Video
I was asked on stream to go over this again, and I think this one is probably good enough to be considered an actual tutorial.
Everywhere Any All Shinespark frame window Show Beginner Video
The window of time between when you activate a grounded shinespark and when you can press a directional button is half a second -- specifically, if you press jump to activate it on Frame 0, you can press right and jump as early as Frame 2, and as late as Frame 30. Jump technically doesn't need to be held, but that will be easiest for all non-TAS runs. If the inputs aren't correctly done for an angle or horizontal shinespark in this window, it will be vertical.

The window of time to press right or angle up with an aerial shinespark is almost the same as a grounded shinespark -- 1 to 29 frames after activating it, instead of 2 to 30.

This video shows the shinespark being activated on the last frame possible (3 seconds after charging), and then the shinespark being started on the last frame (half a second after activating).
Everywhere Any All Oatsngoats and Sweetnumb any% tutorial Show Beginner Video
any% old route tutorial by Oatsngoats and Sweetnumb
Everywhere Any All NTSC and PAL wrap around on crateria and croc Show Beginner Video
in this tutorial i am showing where you can do the wrap around shot on those place, but all the place you can in those place not just one or 2 different one, and then be able to use a shinespark to go into the area you need fast.

for PAL since the practice rom don't seems to be acurate with shinespark you will need to test where you need to charge your shinespark to use it corectly
Everywhere Any Any% Mishrak's beginner any% tutorial Show Beginner Video
A modern any% tutorial for absolute beginners.
Everywhere Any 100% Mid-Air Springball Jumping Show Beginner Video
Useful in many places e.g. ascending red tower, screw attack, main street, writg, pre-Draygon.
Everywhere Any All Kojakt's Stutter 3 tap tutorial Show Intermediate Video
Shortcharge tutorial.
Everywhere Any All Green Gate Glitch Show Beginner Video
The Green Gate Glitch is a glitch lets you open left-facing gates from the right side using precise movement and shooting a super missile at the right time.

To perform the Green Gate Glitch, stand at least a pixel behind the gate, aiming up+left, and jump. Immediately after jumping, press left, then immediately fire a Super Missile. With proper timing, the gate should open.

Note that this is also possible to do with Blue Gates as well, and if doing it with a Blue Gate it is possible to use regular missiles as well.
Everywhere Any Any% Golden's Tutorial Show Beginner Video
Golden's any% tutorial
Everywhere Any All Galamoz Spikesuit Tutorial Show Intermediate Video
A Spikesuit/Flashsuit/Sparksuit tutorial by Galamoz
Everywhere Any Any% Galamoz movement tutorial Show Beginner Video
Galamoz teaching movement principals using any% KPDR as an example.
Everywhere Any Reverse Boss Order Foosda's Reverse Boss Order Tutorial Show Advanced Video
Reverse Boss Order tutorial.
Everywhere Any All Flash Suit to Blue Suit w/ Crystal Spark Show Beginner Video
0. Obtain a Flash Suit.

1. Bomb jump straight upward. (Alternately, roll off of a 4-tile-high ledge, but this setup is harder.)

2. As you fall, place a Power Bomb so that only a couple pixels are visible of Samus's shoulder when she's crouching. (Watch the video to see the correct placement.)

3. Allow the bounce from the Power Bomb to stand you up.

4. Watch the Power Bomb animation carefully. When you see the entire screen light up, wait 1 second, then tap Jump.

5. As soon as Samus begins the Shinespark animation, press and hold ONLY the Crystal Flash inputs (L, R, Down, Shot)
Everywhere Any All Elevator CF Show Beginner Video
Elevator crystal flash for a flash suite
Everywhere Any Any% Glitched Doorskip Any% Glitched Tutorial Show Advanced Video
Kinda long. Timestamps with individual strats/segments are included in the description.
Everywhere Any All Diagonal IBJ into Vertical IBJ Show Intermediate Video
This is actually quite easy, considering one already knows how to diagonal IBJ.
Everywhere Any All Diagonal IBJ Show Intermediate Video
This is definitely something that requires a lot of practice, but eventually it will just click.
Everywhere Any All Crystal Spark Blue Suit Show Advanced Video
If a Shinespark is started and then interrupted by entering a Crystal Flash, after the Crystal Flash is done you will be left having Blue Suit.

This trick is very precise and requires pixel perfect positioning for the powerbomb and a very tight window to activate the Shinespark. Check the video carefully to understand the timing.
Everywhere Any All Collision Oscillator Show Beginner Video
The game detects whether Samus is in contact with tiles every other frame. As a result, items in the ceiling like this only have a 50% chance of being collected each attempt if you contact both the item and the ceiling tile adjacent to it.
Everywhere Any All Basic IBJ Tutorial Show Beginner Video
Galamoz's tutorial on basic infinite bomb jumps, and also the advanced 3-bomb jump.

If video doesn't load here, click "Video" in the top right corner.
Everywhere Any All Arm Pumping Show Beginner Video
While running, each change in position of Samus' cannon moves her forward by one pixel.

While mashing as fast as possible will create the most arm pumps and give the most benefit, even a relaxed arm pump will speed up several rooms by a significant number of frames.

That said, it is important to keep in mind the small amount of timesave relative to other aspects of the run -- it's best to avoid arm pumping if it has a chance of interfering with other controls. In this example, accidentally shooting a Super while holding Angle Up or Angle Down will likely result in bonking the door, and will cost much more time than arm pumping saved for that room.
Everywhere Any Any% Glitched Any% Glitched Tutorial Show Advanced Video
This tutorial goes through the tricks and the OOB travel needed to complete the Any% Glitched category.
Everywhere Any All Angle Turn-cancel Show Beginner Video
Keep in mind that this only moves Samus to the right, as shown in the video.
Everywhere Any All Alternate Elevator Crystal Flash Suits Show Beginner Video
This is an appendix to my previous guide explaining how to obtain a Flash Suit from the Upper Norfair Elevator. Read this first!

Uses: backup strat or alternate route for Dashless runs. Get certain items without SpeedBooster. Something to do with underflowing ammo for Low Beam% maybe?

Every setup:
All beam upgrades must be disabled. Hi-Jump can be disabled to make PB placement easier. Be familiar with where the PB should look relative to Samus's hip! If you hear the "zwoosh" from the end of the PB sound effect, you pressed down too early! You should always hear the elevator!

Green/Blue Brinstar:
Stand on the left side of the elevator and face left. You have 3-4 pixels of leeway here. To get the correct vertical offset, hold jump, then hold down as well. Morph just after bonking on the ceiling. The frame to go down the elevator is the same as the Upper Norfair setup. If done right, you will hear the shot collide with the side of the overhang, but the collision particle will not be visible.

Lower Norfair:
Placing the PB is the same as the Green/Blue Brinstar setups: Hold jump, hold down, bonk, morph, PB. Get used to how the PB should look relative to Samus's hip, because there is no background sprite to align with here! After placing the PB, hold L+R+Shot to shoot straight up. Press down just as your last shot rises above the vertical portion of the overhangs.

Red Tower/Maridia:
This is trickier. The platform in the middle of the room is placed such that you must bonk off of it with a spin jump! Because of this, there's no way to set up your X coordinate for a nice audio cue. Spin jump, bonk off the bottom of the platform, press Down twice to morph, then place your PB. You can fire diagonal shots to help your rhythm, and your last shot will be somewhere near the center of the 4-square in the background. Obviously, the farther left your spin jump takes you, the farther left your shot will be when you want to go down the elevator.
Everywhere Any All 3-Bomb Vertical IBJ Show Intermediate Video
Remember to delay the upper bomb.
Tourian Mother Brain Room All Zebetite Skip Show Beginner Video
The trick for the spinjump method is to do a low spinjump into the zebetite, keep a low vertical speed.
Tourian Mother Brain Room All Zeb Skip on the Second Zeb Without Wave (ice+spazer) Show Beginner Video
a clip from noteden8 showing that you can do that without wave if you got spazer
Tourian Mother Brain Room 100% Standup Glitch Show Beginner Video
Here is a detailed tutorial on how to safely do standup without breaking the game.
Tourian Mother Brain Room All Spring Ball Zeb Skip Show Beginner Video
There is an easy Zeb Skip method that's possible if you destroy the first Zebetite with missiles, and then do the Zeb Skip on the second Zebetite using Spring Ball. Jump into the frozen Rinka, and Samus should be put into a crouching pose. Then just morph, and then use Springball to jump through the Zebetite.

Shoutouts to andrew/foosda for telling me this was possible.
Tourian Mother Brain Room All Remorph Zeb Skip Show Beginner Video
Where the Spring Ball and Bomb methods can use straight jumps to get into the crouched position, you can also spin jump into the frozen Rinka, then morph, unmorph, and morph again.
Tourian Mother Brain Room All No Downback Zeb Skip Show Advanced Video
You don't need to downback at all to get through without a spinjump if you time your beam shot appropriately with the right setup.
Tourian Mother Brain Room All Mother Brain Anti-Slowlock Show Beginner Video
Just something I may have stumbled across after John's multi-category race.
Tourian Big Boy Room Any% Metroid Skip Tutorial Show Intermediate Video
really bad tutorial, but it's all i've got
Tourian Big Boy Room All Face Right Show Beginner Video
Face Right it's faster
Tourian Mother Brain Room All Downback Zeb Skip Show Intermediate Video
I made a really crappy tutorial for this awhile ago that people seemed to actually like, so I made a way better one the other day. Hopefully this helps people struggling with the strat!
Tourian Big Boy Room All Beginner Metroid Skip Show Intermediate Video
This is an easier version of the metroid skip. Recommend to learn first.
Tourian Mother Brain Room All Airball Show Advanced Video
(You can get 6 missiles into the glass before killing the Rinkas, but 4-5 is quite a bit safer)
If you have Space Jump this is the best strategy to set up the rinkas and do away with Mother Brain 1 quickly. It saves at least a second over the strategies without Space Jump that you would see featured in PRKD any% runs. it is a little bit risky, however, because depending on how you fail it the Rinka positions could become absolutely awful and cause major time loss.
Tourian Big Boy Room All 4 Jump Metroid Skip Show Advanced Video
Skip the baby metroid in four jumps.
Tourian Big Boy Room All 3 Jump Metroid Skip Show Advanced Video
Skip the baby metroid with only three jumps.
Maridia Colosseum Any% womple jump Show Beginner Video
Exit Colosseum quickly by retaining speed from the precious room. Be careful not to hit the first platform!
Maridia The Precious Room 14% Iceboots Underwater Wall Jump (UWJ) tutorial Show Advanced Video
This tutorial will explain how to perform an UWJ (Underwater Wall Jump) so you can use it for the precious room in 14% iceboots, but can also be use for 14% speedboots
Maridia Mt. Everest 14% Icebooster Suitless/Highjumpless Mt. Everest Tutorial Show Advanced Video
Shows setups and strategies in order to help one progress through the mountain in Maridia. This strategy also works for 14% X-Ice.
Maridia Mt. Everest 14% X-Ice Suitless, Highjumpless Maridia: Mt. Everest through Bot Tank Show Advanced Video
Recommend watching on yt directly, there is some important info in the description.
Maridia Mainstreet 14% X-Ice Suitless, Highjumpless Maridia: Mainstreet Show Intermediate Video
Maridia Colosseum 14% X-Ice Suitless, Highjumpless Maridia: (Pre-)Colosseum Show Intermediate Video
Both rooms are relatively easy, just gotta be careful on the spikes.
Maridia Shaktool room All Suitless Shaktool (Ice, Grapple, Space Jump, HiJump, Springball) Show Intermediate Video
Get to Shaktool without Gravity Suit. Currently in logic in hard SMZ3 logic.
Here is an alternate way to get up past the grapple block without springball, using a flatley jump.
Maridia West Sand Hole All Suitless Maridia Reserve and Missile (Left Sand Pit) using Hi-Jump Boots, Power Bombs Show Intermediate Video
In SM Arcade, the West Sand Hole contains a Missile pack and a Reserve Tank, a tantalizing treat for anyone capable of reaching it (in addition to the BREAK FREE achievement and associated point gain). Otherwise, the West Sand Hole is usually only visited suitless in randomizers due to its otherwise lackluster contents.

Note that this video expends 3 Power Bombs, but the full trick may be performed using only two. The Reserve Tank may be acquired by exploiting Samus' turning animation.

This is most easily performed by rolling against the pedestal in Morph Ball, then tapping Left to turn around without moving, then unmorphing and turning Right to clip into the Reserve Tank item with little fuss.

More details on individual steps in the trick are available in the YouTube video description.
Maridia West Sand Hole All Suitless Left Sandpit with HJB + Spring Show Intermediate Video
Alternative to mashing walljumps.
Maridia Botwoon Hallway All suitless CF clip Show Intermediate Video
using the crystal flash clip to clip through crumble blocks when underwater without gravity suit, can be used to access botwoon without ice or access shaktool room
Maridia Mt. Everest All Starfall Show Intermediate Video
100% map strategy for mount everest which doesn't rely on grapple jumps.
Maridia Halfie Climb Room All Pre-Colosseum Spark for Map Completion Show Intermediate Video
The fastest strat for this room involves charging a shinespark, getting over the pipe column, and sparking to the right to get through the Speed Booster blocks.
Maridia Halfie Climb Room All Pre-Colosseum Map Completion without a spark Show Beginner Video
You can clip through the Oums by pushing against them, then jumping against them twice while aiming down.
Maridia Pants Room All Pants Room Sand Escape Show Beginner Video
Mostly only useful for Randomizers and Puzzles, but it's good to know in the situation you need it! I hope you have Hi-Jump Boots!

1. Stand on one end of the sand pit with your back against the wall.

2. Crouch.

3. Hold jump. Just after the initial press, hold forward as well.

4. At the crest of your jump, jump forward again. Continue to do so until you reach the far wall. Turn around, and continue spin-jumping until you are out!
Maridia Shaktool room 100% new Shaktool speed-strategy for TAS and humans Show Beginner Video
The first shown method in the video needs good timing and precision, and is thus meant for TAS (one turns around as ball right after shooting the projectile). The second method is easily doable: First one can get in contact with shaktool for temporary invulnerability to safely get to the right side without any annoying knockback as ball to shoot at the snail during the crouch and facing left when it gets hit so it stays within the screen which it needs to be able to move. Then one gets temporary invulnerability again to be able to quickly move past the snail (without getting stopped by it). The general idea of the trick is to manipulate the snail to break blocks instead of Shaktool.
Maridia West Sand Hole All Maridia Sand Bomb Jump Show Intermediate Video
Little tutorial on how to do the janky bomb jump to cross this room without Gravity in NTSC.
Maridia Mama Turtle Room All Mama Turtle Room without Gravity or Grapple Show Beginner Video
If you have Hi-Jump Boots and Speed Booster but no Gravity Suit, you can jump from the top-left ledge in the room, then walljump off the side of the pedestal.
Maridia Mama Turtle Room 100% Mama Turtle Item Collection Show Beginner Video
The easiest method to collect the Energy Tank is to charge a shinespark, then jump off the ledge towards the center of the room, and spark up. The fastest way is to charge the spark while you open the red door, but you could alternatively open the door, then charge the spark through the room transition.

If you end up standing on the Energy Tank's platform after collecting it, you can run off the ledge to the right, angle down, and fire to expose the missiles, and you'll collect them. You'll likely need to stand left of the center of the platform to get enough run speed for this.
Maridia Mainstreet 100% Main Street Missile 2-tap shinespark Show Beginner Video
To get the missile pack, the optimal shinespark is along the floor, but this is a very difficult short charge, requiring a stutter-3, or a 4-tap. Slightly slower is to go up to the platform with the door to Fish Tank, and do a 2-tap. A 1-tap will also work, but the spark would need to be charged very late on the platform, so a 2-tap would be more comfortable for most runners.

The spark can be lined up using either the 3-leaf plant on the ground, or by brushing up against the right side of the bottom-left floating platform.

Without short charging, this requires starting a charge in Crab Tunnel, but many people find this more difficult than the 2-tap on the platform above, because of the door transition being in the middle of the maneuver.
Maridia Draygon Room 14% X-Ice Low% Gravityless Draygon Tutorial Show Advanced Video
*note* I forgot to mention that Draygon has 20 supers of health, and if using my method of counting shots, Draygon's health will be m:ii s:xviiii at the end of the fight. I forgot to add the last missile in the counter in the video.

A tutorial for how to do Draygon without gravity suit, particularly when you need to count your shots. Has both NTSC and PAL demonstrations.

0:00 Video introduction, description of fight, and showing safe spots
2:57 Demonstration of the fight (counting shots)
7:37 Getting carried to the top of the room
10:07 Showing a setup for the snipe
15:24 Getting the snipe
16:06 Pause abuse with a reserve tank
17:41 Chargeless fight
22:13 PAL Description and safe spots
24:57 PAL Snipe
25:20 Closing remarks
Maridia Aqueduct All Fast Snail Climb Show Intermediate Video
By crouching and holding down while on the crab you'll get pushed up by it while it's moving without taking damage.

Note that the camera will not follow you when you do this so you have to rely on visual cues for when to jump off onto the platform.

(This does not work in the PAL version)
Maridia Mt. Everest Any% Everest Spark on PAL Show Beginner Video
Due to the slightly different physics used in the PAL version, this spark cannot be done from the floor, jumping up before activating the spark is required to clear the overhang.
Maridia Mt. Everest Any% Everest Spark Show Beginner Video
The most common method to reach the upper right door of the room is to charge a shinespark along the floor of the room, then hold Angle Up to do a diagonal spark while standing between the second and third floating islands.

If you want to save health for Botwoon, you can spinjump up before sparking to slightly reduce the distance required.
Maridia Mt. Everest Any% Everest Pseudo Screw Show Beginner Video
Only a couple seconds slower than the diagonal spark to the top-right of Everest, you can also get there with a jump from just after the peak of the second island, then walljumping the rest of the way up. You'll need to charge a shot in order to Pseudo Screw through the Powamp.
Maridia Draygon Room All Draygon Springball Escape (Double Springball Jump) Show Intermediate Video
Alternative way to escape Draygon's room suitless. Needs Springball and Hi-Jump boots. Timing of the first Springball jump is key. Should be as late as possible, and while the screen is fading out for the menu.
Maridia Draygon Room Reverse Boss Order Draygon RBO Fight Show Intermediate Video
My tutorial for the Draygon RBO Fight
Maridia Draygon Room Reverse Boss Order Draygon RBO Escape (Grapple Jump) Show Intermediate Video
My tutorial for the Grapple Jump escape from Draygon's room in RBO
Maridia Draygon Room Reverse Boss Order Draygon Grapple Escape Tutorial Show Intermediate Video
A tutorial by foosda on how to escape Draygon's room suitless if you have grapple. Works generally everywhere where you can swing suitless underwater with grapple.
Maridia Draygon Room All Draygon Damage Boost Show Beginner Video
If you do a full jump when Draygon's babies first contact her, you can dboost off of the bottom turret, and the timing will be good for the drops to appear just as you start passing through them.
Maridia Draygon Room All Draygon - Avoiding Chain Damage Show Beginner Video
I made a video about this to try and help people out. Good luck!
Maridia Draygon Room All dBoost Shinespark Draygon kill Show Intermediate Video
Release the jump button to end the dBoost, the shinespark will be immediatly set off.
If you are on the right height and dont get hit by draygon you can dBoost again for perfect positioning.

This does inconsistant damage, the closer you let draygon get the more damage youll do.
Maridia Pants Room All Crystal Flash Clip Show Beginner Video
Quick video on how to Crystal Flash clip. Two setups:

-- Gravity + Morph Bombs
-- Suitless

Can be used to break crumble blocks in Pre-Botwoon and Pants rooms.

Maridia Pants Room 100% Consistent Springball Ice Clip Show Intermediate Video
The trick is to align to the wall before the screen starts scrolling upward. This is horrible, but I wanted to show this in some way, so here. Pardon the audio being a second or so behind. Shoutouts to ED, behemoth, and Feral for the strat.
Maridia Botwoon Room All Botwoon Skip Tutorial Show Advanced Video
A demonstration and explanation of the most simple and easy method to Skip Botwoon using major glitches.
Maridia Botwoon All botwoon raindance Show Intermediate Video
alternate setup for the botwoon xfactor
Maridia Botwoon Room Any% Botwoon opening patterns Show Intermediate Video
Explanation of botwoon's opening patterns.
Maridia Botwoon Hallway All Botwoon Ice Clip Show Beginner Video
Get in the corner with the mochtroid, crouch and hold both angle up and angle down to have Samus aim straight up, and then freeze the mochtroid. You then want to do a jump and then press down immediately (do not spam so you do not morph) and it should put Samus in a standing position inside the mochtroid. Do another jump and press down and you should be in a position where you can press up then jump to clip through the floor. If you have trouble with the second down input, you can hold down the entire time and you will automatically down jump on the first frame, making it work every time.
Maridia Botwoon Hallway All Botwoon Hallway CF Ceiling Clip Show Beginner Video
How to clip through the crumble blocks with a crystal flash.
Maridia Botwoon Room Any% Botwoon Alternate X-Factor Setup Show Intermediate Video
An alternate setup for X-Factoring Botwoon. AKA D-Factor

Tutorial by Popplars. Strat by Decalled.
Maridia Watering Hole All Bootless Suitless Watering Hole Show Beginner Video
Basically only useful in Door Rando, or SMZ3 Crossover Rando. Perhaps some Puzzles, as well.

1. Tap forward, then hold jump to perform a stationary spinjump.

2. At the crest of your jump, hold Forward and mash Jump
Maridia Aqueduct All Aqueduct Snail Clip Show Beginner Video
Just a short demonstration/explanation for getting to the supers and missiles in aqueduct without a shinespark or bluesuit. Another thing to note is that you must have gravity suit to do this.
Maridia Draygon Room Any% 2 with Blue Draygon Tutorial Show Intermediate Video
A tutorial by Mackemagi about how to kill Draygon in 2 rounds and get blue suit. This can also be done in 100% or anytime you have gravity and speed. You'll have to adjust a bit if you don't have hi-jump. It is possible to do this with out the X Factor but you will have less room for error on the sparks.
Norfair Ridley's Room Reverse Boss Order Zeni's RBO Ridley Tutorial Show Advanced Video
People have been asking me a lot of RBO questions lately, one in particular is my Ridley strat. I made this on a whim, hope it helps someone!
Norfair Fast Ripper Room Reverse Boss Order Zeni's RBO GGG Tutorial Show Intermediate Video
Just some different GGG methods to try out.

Update: Be sure to check out this video as well, with some frame analysis and additional info!
Norfair Ice Beam Gate Room Any% Upper vs Lower Route Comparison (Ice to LN) Show Beginner Video
Upper vs Lower route comparison from Ice Escape to Lava Dive for Any% KPDR (Old Route).

Video by Jack879
Norfair Post Crocomire Jump Room All Stutter-3 to break Speed Booster blocks (no Power Bombs) Show Advanced Video
Post Crocomire Jump Room (PCJR) strat showing setup and input for a short charge to allow access to the Missile item in the room without access to Power Bombs. Useful in a randomizer environment.
Norfair Post Crocomire Jump Room All Sine Wave to Post Crocomire Jump Room Spark Show Intermediate Video
An alternative strat for breaking the PCJR speedblocks if you lack morph or powerbombs in rando, and can't manage the stutter 3-tap short charge.
Norfair Worst Room in the Game Any% Right Side (KPDR) Show Advanced Video
Saves maybe 20-30f optimally, but less consistent.
Norfair Ridley's Room All Ridley Explanation and Endurance Tutorial Show Advanced Video
First half is my endurance strategy, second half is some AI explanations that go along with it.
Norfair Red Kihunter Shaft Any% Red Kihunter Shaft lag reduction (Old Route) Show Intermediate Video
This strat is for reducing lag and getting faster room times in any% old route. This strat, at least for me, starts in WRITG/Amphitheater if for no other reason than menuing/setup for the Three Amigos.

When moving into the kii hunter shaft, make sure that power bombs has been deselected from the room before, hold a charge and angle down (L for most of you) while running through the door into the kii hunter shaft from amphitheater

Release Shot during the transition, the shot will break the blocks you need broken, continue to hold angle down as that will make sure you dont run over the one tile wide gap.

As you fall, angle straight down fire a shot or two to break the last set of shot blocks, and continue to hold shot to gain a charged shot, perform a downback to miss the ledge you would otherwise fall onto.

Make your way down the shaft, as soon as you're overtop the second kii hunter in the room, jump and fire straight down onto its head, this should kill it.

Charge another shot and proceed to the third kii hunter and use that charge shot to kill it. Proceed through the room as normal depending on power bomb count. Doing this strat will reduce lag on the power bomb lay at the orange door giving you a faster room time and faster split.

Video tutorial:
(or just click video)
Norfair Red Kihunter Shaft All Red Kihunter Shaft Bomb Spread Show Beginner Video
In categories with only one pack of Power Bombs, if you used Power Bombs in the Pillars Room, you can't use a Power Bomb to destroy these three blocks without needing to pick up the Power Bombs of Shame. Instead, use this bomb spread to take out two of the blocks quickly.
Norfair Post Crocomire Jump Room 100% Pre-Grapple Strats without Grapple Show Beginner Video
The fastest strat in this room, the "Indiana Jones", involves swinging from the Rippers to get to the missile pack. However, if you're not consistent at doing that properly, this strat is only slightly slower.

Run through the Speed Booster blocks, jump at the end of the ramp and wall jump up to the missile pack. Then go back down, jump off the ramp up to the Grapple Room door, then you can jump over the Ripper and do a really satisfying mockball under the Mellas.
Norfair Post Crocomire Farming Room 100% Post Crocomire Farming Room Jump Show Beginner Video
To get to the Power Bomb room with Hi Jump Boots, you can kill a wave of Gamets, run back without picking up their drops, then run through the drops and jump up.
Norfair Pillar Room Any% Pillar Room Comparison Show Intermediate Video
This video compares four different strategies for Any% KPDR in the pre-pillars and pillars rooms.
Norfair Ice Beam Gate Room Any% No Blue Entrance (KPDR) Show Advanced Video
Running under the gates without blue suit lets you Space Jump through the next room. Saves 45ish frames if done right.

You want to press and hold the shot button while in the transition, and when Samus flashes once from having a full charge release both shot and run then arm pump.

When in the next room you need to jump as soon as possible and really low. Then so another SJ as low as possible.
Norfair Metal Pirates Room Any% Metal Pirates Shinesparks Show Intermediate Video
Strategy for shinesparking the metal pirates.
Norfair Lava Dive Room All Lava Dive with Hi-Jump Boots Show Intermediate Video
Align Samus with the edge of the horizontal platform above the door and run towards the open door. After taking approximately two steps forward, jump and hold jump. After the transition, hold down. With proper timing, you should have entered the lava pool without losing any momentum. From there, morph and hold left during the dive until you reach the far left Namihe. Jump on top of the Namihe, making sure to avoid any fireballs in the way. Walljump off of the Namihe above and let your momentum carry you to the right wall below the final Namihe. Walljump in place until an opportune time (when there isn't a fireball in the way) to walljump off of the final Namihe. Alternatively, you can skip walljumping off the final Namihe if you are comfortable doing so. Use your momentum to hit the final walljump off of the side of the top left platform near Ridley's maw.
Norfair Lava Dive Room All Lava Dive with Gravity Suit Show Beginner Video
The trick, known as Gravity Jump, allows the player to enter Lower Norfair without Space Jump. One thing to keep in mind is to press start and move while the screen is fading to black. The later you jump, the more height you will cover. The video showcases the trick with and without Hi-Jump Boots.
Norfair Lava Dive Room Any% GT Code Lava Dive Show Intermediate Video
As normal, it takes a good bit of practice to get good at these, so just keep trying.

00:26 - Bounceball Entrance
2:28 - Hjless Gravityless
9:25 - With Hj no Gravity
12:15 - Gravity Jump w/ Hj
14:55 - Gravity Jump w/o Hj
Norfair Kronic Boost Room All Kronic Boost Show Intermediate Video
The setup shown here involves using Jump to unmorph, then holding it for the duration of the damage boost. The power bomb is laid near the top of the spike in the background texture, so that it's low enough to open the door, while not being so low that it destroys the Viola.

There is a faster setup that involves planting the Power Bomb directly next to the door, and then damage boosting off of the Viola before it gets killed by the blast.
Norfair Lava Dive Room GT Classic In-depth HJ-less lava dive tutorial Show Advanced Video
Also used in Any% GT Code and possibly randos.

Builds on matrick's lava dive tutorial by focusing on lava dive WITHOUT high jump boots. Also covers DBJ in Cathedral Entrance and minor deviations with GGG.

Norfair Ice Beam Gate Room All Ice Mockball Show Beginner Video
To get past the gates without speedbooster, you will need to mockball. A short-hop mockball is not necessary, though the timing is tighter than other rooms, since the ceiling is low.
Norfair Ice Beam Gate Room Any% Ice Escape Mockball Show Intermediate Video
By freezing both green platforms in place next to the second pillar, you can run along the length of them to get enough speed to make it past the gate, using a short-hop mockball.

If you have Speed Booster, you can save time by standing up and running as soon as you're done passing under the first gate.
Norfair Kronic Boost Room All GT Code Dive Show Intermediate Video
A simple and swift way to set up for lava dive in GT Code categories.
Norfair GT Room GT Classic GT Code Show Beginner Video
GT Code is activated by pressing all four face buttons during a transition into the Golden Torizo's room. It gives you 700 Energy, 300 Reserve Energy, 100 Missiles, 20 Super Missiles, 20 Power Bombs, and all major items except for Screw Attack. Note that Spazer and Plasma are activated by default and if this beam combination is shot, it will crash the game.
Norfair Post Crocomire Jump Room All Grapple Items without Hi-Jump Show Beginner Video
If you have Power Bombs and Speed Booster (or just Speed Booster if you can do a Stutter-3 through the blocks), you can wall jump to an appropriate height to reach the Grapple Room door.
Norfair Post Crocomire Jump Room All Grapple Item without Power Bombs Show Beginner Video
If you have Speed Booster and Hi Jump Boots, you can run off of the leftmost Kamer (yellow floating platform) and walljump to reach the Grapple Room door.
Norfair Bubble Mountain All fukcfb Show Intermediate Video
Was originally a 100% strat from behemoth since you have Spazer, but it can be done without Spazer.

It's tricky
Norfair Crumble Shaft All FreyasFall Show Intermediate Video
Consistent setup for a forward moonfall
Norfair Double Chamber All Double Chamber early door shot Show Intermediate Video
for extra style points, you can open the door to exit Double Chamber before it is even on-screen.
Norfair Crocomire Speedway All Di10 Spark Show Intermediate Video
You can get a Spike Suit from the spikes at the bottom of the Crocomire Speedway. Can be used to cross the Gravitron bootless, or as a backup after missing the Crocomire wall Spike Suit.
Norfair Crumble Shaft All Crumble Shaft rando item check Show Beginner Video
Hold an angle button through the door transition, while letting go of the dpad, and you will stop on a dime on the solid block next to the door. This will allow you to check the item location in randomizer without falling down.

Just be careful about the Dessgeega when going back in the previous room, since suitless they do 80 damage.
Norfair Crumble Shaft 100% Crumble Shaft missiles (optimal) Show Advanced Video
Fire a shot as you crest the third small hill, and release dash at the same time. This will open the door with enough time that you can run through. Start holding another shot before you hit the door, and release shot during the door transition. Once the next room loads, the shot should fire automatically, and you can jump to the other side.

The window on this jump is very small before you hit the crumble blocks, so you'll need to be precise. If the second Dessgeega jumps low, you'll need to fire the shot while Samus is inside its hitbox, where you can fire it earlier if the Dessgeega jumps high.
Norfair Crumble Shaft 100% Crumble Shaft missiles (intermediate) Show Intermediate Video
In the beginner strategy, the shinespark crash animation does cost time, so it would be faster to Space Jump across the room, as long as you're confident in not falling down.

One thing to watch out for is that the missile pack takes about 10 frames to spawn after the shot block gets destroyed, so in order for Samus' hitbox to touch the missile pack without falling past it, you will generally need to fire your shot at the peak of a jump, or while rising.
Norfair Crumble Shaft 100% Crumble Shaft missiles (beginner) Show Beginner Video
This strat uses a shinespark to reach the missile location.

You can attempt a 2-tap short charge, and if you run into one of the enemies you can continue holding Dash and Left, and use your i-frames to get through the rest of the enemies. Then charge the shinespark, open the door, and spark through. After you crash against the wall, hold Left and Angle Down and fire a shot, and you'll pick up the item.
Norfair Crocomire's Room All Crocomire Skip Show Advanced Video
A video demonstrating and explaining the most conveniant Crocomire skip method in both directions. Aiming for being able to obtain the items behind Crocomire without actually ever killing him.
Norfair Bubble Mountain All Bubble Mountain Delayed Walljump Show Beginner Video
After you start pressing the d-pad away from the wall, there's a window of frames where you can press Jump and get the walljump. In order to get past the ledge to the green door, you need to wait near the end of that window.

This also applies to several other overhangs, such as Plasma Room, and Worst Room in the Game (WRITG).
Norfair Bubble Mountain All Bubble Mountain Damage Boost Show Beginner Video
The dboost from this waver can be used to easily reach the Green Bubbles Missile Room in the top left, faster than the delayed wall jump or Infinite Bomb Jump.
Norfair Lava Dive Room All Bootless Lava Dive Show Advanced Video
By taking damage from one of the Namihe shots while standing on top of another Namihe it's possible to gain enough i-frames to do a series of walljumps on the spikes to get across to the right side and then up.
Norfair Ice Beam Gate Room All Beginner's Ice Escape Show Beginner Video
This technique uses the Bomb Spread technique to launch bouncing bombs up, which destroy the block that's in the way.
Norfair Main Hall 100% Acid Statue Spring Ball Show Intermediate Video
The Speed Booster can give you the blue state from a 2-tap, which will allow you to get through the flame jets easily and quickly.

The springball through the door is much more difficult though, so a beginner can just skip that and Space Jump to the door before opening it.
Norfair Crocomire's Room 100% "New Route" Crocomire Show Beginner Video
Just a quick little demonstration of how to do the croc wrap around thingie.
Wrecked Ship Wrecked Ship Main Shaft All Wrecked Ship Ceiling Clip Show Beginner Video
To pass through the floor on the way to the attic, break only the top block of a vertical pair. Spinjump into this space and Angle Down before you land. If you did it right, you'll notice your feet are in the block. Let go of Angle down, and jump to pass through the floor above you.
Wrecked Ship East Missile Room 100% Worker Robot Fast Strat Show Beginner Video
This is very finicky, because what the robots do is sometimes unexpected.
Wrecked Ship Attic All Street Sweeper Show Intermediate Video
Not the best strat in KPDR even though it's faster than left side due to ammo and health usage, but it's easier than left side. Would recommend to players who still do the attic spark and are having health issues.
Wrecked Ship Sponge Bath All Sponge Bath with only Speed Booster Show Beginner Video
A little runspeed from the previous room gets through sponge bath with ease.
Wrecked Ship Sponge Bath All Sponge Bath Strats Show Intermediate Video
A list off all the different strats to get through Sponge Bath (as far as I'm aware). There are other ways of doing these strats, but I only showed one way for each. On the spring ball jump, make sure you don't pause too early or late. The bomb jumps are pretty precise so they can be difficult. You want to place the bombs about where they are in the video, and they can even be a little higher. The bomb jumps are exactly the same with power bombs as well. If you run low on power bombs, the Bull (sponge) will drop some. Any of these methods can be forced in Total's randomizer.
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room All Phantoon Super Frame Tutorial Show Advanced Video
Frame Perfect Super Missile Phantoon Strats
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room All Phantoon Pattern Recognition and X-Factors Show Intermediate Video
Video by hcfwesker
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room 100% Phantoon 2-Round Xfactor Show Intermediate Video
Here is the best way to do a 2 round phantoon with xfactor. This is dbx's not mine.
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room Any% Phantoon 2-Round Doppler Show Advanced Video
This is a really good visualization video that shows how one would optimally do each of the (usual) patterns for each of the rounds. Note that this isn't quite the fastest way possible because sometimes it's faster to shoot him before he goes offscreen.
Wrecked Ship Attic All Left Side Show Advanced Video
The best attic strat for KPDR because you get multiple drops, use no health, and use the least amount of supers.
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room Any% Ice+Wave+Spazer 3-round Show Beginner Video
Saves a pause and does a 3 round if you're doing late ice and spazer any% route.

Also if you're doing 100% with ice clip and you cannot 2 round doppler consistently, then this is absolutely the fastest way to 3 round as Phantoon will never have to leave the screen.
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room Any% Hybrid 2 round Show Beginner Video
The hybrid strat for Phantoon is 2 missiles, 2 missiles, xfactor, 2 missiles, 2 missiles, super missile (2 missiles, 2 missiles, xfactor, 2 missiles, 2 missiles xfactor - this is if you have no super missiles for round 2). When the fight starts, you want to shoot two regular missiles (reds) into Phantoon, then dash to the left wall, do a full jump and at the peak fire two more regular missiles (reds) into Phantoon. Immediately press and hold right and menu over to power bombs. As soon as you are towards the lower portion of Phantoons body you will want to start charging to perform an X-Factor. Continue holding right until you reach the right side wall, you want to make your way to this wall without using dash. Once you reach the wall, perform a full jump (with no spin) this will pull Phantoon to the top of the screen where your X-factor will connect with all four shots. From there you will want to shoot 2 more missiles into Phantoons eye when it opens next, wait a moment, fire two more missiles, and then immediately a super missile. That will finish off Phantoon. If you do not have a super missile to finish the fight, simply repeat the pattern for round 1 and do a double x-factor instead.
Wrecked Ship Spiky Death Room 100% Full Death Room Shinespark Show Intermediate Video
I prefer the method where you don't land on the platform, but it's up to your discretion.
Wrecked Ship Attic All Double Double (PRKD equipment) Show Advanced Video
Really not worth it way too much ammo

Good for Rando tho
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room All Doppler rhythm Show Intermediate Video
The cooldown for missiles is 9 frames, but to avoid having an input not register by being too early, the ideal doppler spacing is 10 frames. This gives a tempo of 350 beats per minute, which this video essentially gives a metronome for.

This helps greatly with the Phantoon fight, although dopplers are also useful elsewhere in the game, like Spore Spawn, or missiling red doors.
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room All All Phantoon patterns for 2 round X-factor Show Intermediate Video
Nutella4eva's video that shows all the two round patterns with executed x-factors simultaneously.
Wrecked Ship Sponge Bath All 2 Tap Bowling Spark Show Beginner Video
Start moving forward at the moment the water reaches it's lowest point. The first tap happens about the same time as the splash animation that appears as you exit the water. The second tap should be right before you enter the door. This makes it quite a bit easier than the 1 tap method since it gives you more room to grab the spark and a bit of space for running speed through the door to bowling. Use the patch for InfoHUD that shows the dash counter to make sure you have both taps before you hit the door transition.
Wrecked Ship Attic 100% 2 Supers and Blue Show Intermediate Video
This one takes some practice.
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room All 1 Round Phantoon Show Advanced Video
1 Round Phantoon strat by Shiny Zeni
Brinstar Kraid's Room All [epic] Kraid Quick Kill Show Beginner Video
Adding epic's tutorial here because it is a good one and helped me learn it.
Brinstar Red Tower All Upper Red Tower Spark Show Intermediate Video
This isn't used in any categories, but is a neat trick to know.
Brinstar Warehouse Entrance All Upper Norfair Elevator Crystal Flash Suit Show Beginner Video
Obtain a Flash Suit from the Business Center elevator. Uses: shinespark to bypass gates to get Ice Beam in Dashless categories, or obtain a Blue Suit without needing Speed Booster. After reading this guide, click here for setups using different elevators.

Setting up

First, make sure you meet all the criteria for crystal flashing: Empty any Reserve Tanks, Energy is 50 or less, have at least 10 Missiles, 10 Super Missiles, and 11 Power Bombs. (Since the Power Bomb placement is tricky, the more you start with, the better!)

Second, turn off ALL BEAM upgrades.

Now, stand on the elevator, slightly off-center, and face left. Note the 4 horizontal lines in the background above the elevator.

Here's what you do

Jump and do a mid-air morph while ascending. (You should be in ball form when you hit the ceiling.)

On the way down, lay a Power Bomb so that it's in the center between the bottom two horizontal lines.

As soon as you lay the power bomb, unmorph and hold R+Shot. (You don't need to worry about standing, since the bounce from the bomb will stand you up.)

Count 5 shots, and as soon as the fifth shot releases, press and hold L in addition to R and Shot. (I actually count it off like 1-2, 1, 2, 3)

Press down as soon as the 5th shot hits the ceiling. Here's the key: The correct frame is when you hear the collision sound effect, but before you see the explosion.

Why does this work?

Bonking on the ceiling will normalize your fall speed and ensure that you pass through the correct vertical pixel.

When you lay a Power Bomb, your beam is disabled for a moment until the PB enters the second state of its animation cycle (it starts spinning faster after a moment). So, by holding Shot, you will fire as soon as your beam is unlocked, therefore the timing is consistent!
Brinstar Warehouse Energy Tank Room All Turnaround Tank Show Intermediate Video
Seems more consistent and about as fast as the bomb strat for this room. Turn around under the tank to avoid getting screwed by the collision oscillator. Can be done with only one missile with better item selecting.
Brinstar Red Tower Any% Top of red tower Show Beginner Video
For newer people coming in, getting late ice can be daunting as typically you would just freeze the rippers and get up on your way to Phantoon. Instead, as you get better with the game you will want to progress to late ice, and learning the wall jumps can be very tricky. I have put together a tutorial on how to get up red tower via wall jumps and without ice.

This can be daunting, but with practice, I promise you can do it.

Video here, or just click "Video" in the upper right
Brinstar Green Shaft All TAS Dance Breakdown/Tutorial Show Advanced Video
A human setup for the formerly “TAS Only” green brinstar clip for early Power Bombs. No Dachora Room Moondance Required
Brinstar Kraid's Room All Super Metroid - Kraid Quick Kill - Save One Super While Using The Easy Timing Charge Strat Show Beginner Video
This tutorial assumes you are familiar with the "Charge shot followed by 4 Super Missiles Kraid Quick Kill". It also shows how to do this with "Item Cancel" on Y and "Shoot" on X. However, this works with any button configuration where "Item Select" is on Select, and "Item Cancel" and "Shoot" are adjacent in your control scheme.

By positioning your left hand over the select button, you can save one Super Missile during the Kraid Quick Kill by replacing it with a regular Missile. To do so:
1. Fire the charge shot at Kraid's head
2. Select Super Missiles
3. Jump when Kraids mouth begins to open
4. Fire a Super Missile on the way up of your jump, fire another on the way down
5. Jump, fire a 3rd Super Missile on the way up again
6. Using your left hand, quickly press and hold "Item Select", followed by your right hand quickly swiping across your "Item Cancel" button then your "Shoot" button. In most cases, this will be the sequence SELECT (hold), Y, X. This sequence will cause you to deselect Super Missiles, and quickly select a single Missile and fire.
Brinstar Big Pink 100% Spore Spawn Super Block Reach Around Show Beginner Video
Make sure to get a good visual cue.
Brinstar Waterway Energy Tank Room All Shinepark to ETank without Gravity Show Intermediate Video
How to Shinespark to the Waterway Energy Tank item location without gravity suit
Brinstar Red Tower 100% Red Tower Downgrab Show Intermediate Video
This is quite tricky. The key is to get a good delayed walljump.
Brinstar Pink Brinstar Power Bomb Room 100% Pink Brinstar Powerbomb Quickdrop Escape Show Beginner Video
A quick tutorial on how exactly this quickdrop and escape works. Apparently this is called mission impossible.
Brinstar Pink Brinstar Hopper Room All Pink Brin Reverse Green Gate Glitch Show Beginner Video
A simple way to get past the gate in this room without having wave. Works with and without high jump, although HJ definitely makes things easier.
Brinstar Noob Bridge All Noob Bridge Spike Suit Flash Suit Show Beginner Video
Items Needed: Speed Booster, Morphing Ball, Bombs (or a Power Bomb), turn off Springball

0. (optional) Kill all the frogs and cacti around the bridge.

1. Run along the bridge (either direction) and crouch to store a shinespark.

2. Morph, lay a bomb and bounce upward.

3. On the frame you hit the spikes, or the frame after, mash the jump button!

If done correctly, you will be blue and suspended midair. Activate a Shinespark by pressing Jump along with Up, R, or Forward (It doesn't matter, since you'll crash immediately). You now have a Shinespark stored!

There are great resources that explain Spike Suits more thoroughly, but I decided that there should be a simple and easy guide to set one up. Click here for more info on Spike Suits!
Brinstar Dachora Room All Moondance Tutorial Show Beginner Video
Have had some questions recently about how Moondance works/how to do it, so I recorded a tutorial thing about it. :)
Brinstar Red Tower Any% Lower Red Tower with only Hi Jump Boots Show Beginner Video
The walljump off of the ledge will be in the logic of most randomizers, as long as you have Hi Jump Boots. Ice Beam is not necessary to climb this room.

It's also used for Any% KPDR, after the runners drop Early Ice.
Brinstar Kraid's Room All Kraid Quick Kill (Both Strats) Show Beginner Video
Just a quick tutorial I made for some people asking for it.
Brinstar Kraid's Room All Kraid Quick Kill Show Beginner Video
Shows the 2 missile kill and has some info on the 4 super method.
Brinstar Green Shaft All Ice clip through PB floor in Green Shaft Show Beginner Video
The most useless ice clip in the game. seriously, unless you moondanced into here in a rando, have ice beam, and have no power bombs, just get one from a beetom.

if you are blackelitejohn, just time the shot right, and you can get out of the etecoons area without power bombs
Brinstar Red Tower Elevator Any% High Bomb (KPDR) Show Intermediate Video
If you bonk the door coming out of alpha power bombs and release run in the door transition you can jump up to that first platform without needing to wall jump.

The speedy jump after the second cacatac is tricky and doesn't save much time, so opting to skip that is probably best.
Brinstar Green Hill Zone All Fly Boost Show Beginner Video
Use mockball to get under the first sidehopper. Charge shot the second one and the gate then dboost off the fly.
Brinstar Hellway All Falling Zeela Farm Show Advanced Video
Try to fire the Missile as you land instead of after you land.
Brinstar Fire Flea Room All Extensive Tutorial for early Xray with different Backups Show Intermediate Video
This video demonstrates how to safely and consistently get to early X-ray without Grapple or Spacejump and covers a wide variety of possible backups in case the last Damageboost is missed.
Brinstar Early Super Room All Early Super Missiles Mockball Show Beginner Video
Mockball is a key trick for speedruns that allows skipping intended Spore Spawn super missiles in pink brinstar. Mockball allows Samus to keep her running speed when she morphs into a ball and get under the gates at crumble block bridge in green brinstar. Normally this bridge would require speed booster.

This early supers tutorial is made by Kottpower.
Brinstar Dachora Room All Double Reo Farm Show Intermediate Video
Allows both Reos to be farmed. Requires having a Missile. For lower-percentage categories, that would basically mean having acquired a Missile drop from the Waver when acquiring Super Missiles.
Brinstar Warehouse Kihunter Room All Damageless & Missileless Show Intermediate Video
All it takes is a handful of arm pumps. If you choose to fall into the hole by running over it rather than jumping into it as shown, you'll want to face down to not be cleaved by the other Kihunter.
Brinstar Blue Brinstar Energy Tank Room All CWJ E-Tank Inputs Show Advanced Video
Spent some time TASing together potential inputs to grab this e-tank with the CWJ. Thanks so much to Sniq for all the help!

Attempt at risk of your sanity and well being >:)
Brinstar Red Tower 14% Speed Bottom of Red Tower Spark Show Intermediate Video
A shortcharge leading into the energy recharge room to the left of Red Tower lets you skip an IBJ up.
Brinstar Blue Brinstar Energy Tank Room All Blue Brinstar E-Tank damage boost Show Beginner Video
The Tournament randomizer has in logic the ability to damage boost off of the Reo into the energy tank in the ceiling. You can do this by standing just to the right of the energy tank, and doing a full jump shortly before the Reo hits the ground during its swoop.

If you mess up, some people find it easier to just reset the room. Alternatively, you could kill the Reo and wait for the Geemer to come around so you can damage boost off of it.
Brinstar Blue Brinstar Boulder Room All Blue Brinstar Boulder Room suitless Show Beginner Video
In Full Randomizer, you'll often want to check the Billy Mays Room before picking up Gravity Suit. To get on top of the invisible platform in the Boulder Room, jump into the door transition. You may need to walljump off of the side of the invisible platform if you have Hi-Jump Boots or if you jump into the door very early.

After checking the items, you can make it through the door just by firing an angle-down shot and running through, but the timing of that shot can be tough. Otherwise, you'll end up in the water. To get out, you can do a crouch-jump downgrab when the water level is at its highest, as shown in the video. Alternatively, you can run and walljump below the door when the water is at its lowest.
Brinstar Warehouse Energy Tank Room All Beetomic Bomb Show Intermediate Video
This is faster than using a Missile. TAS would use multiple Missiles instead of this. But for humans, this is basically the fastest thing you can be doing for this room. Hardest aspect of this strategy is cleanly grabbing the tank with a walljump check. It's easy to either not touch it or be too close to it and get yourself inside the gap in the ceiling, which makes your exit worse.
Brinstar Hellway Any% 3 farm (KPDR) Show Intermediate Video
Just about half a second slower than doing 2 dboosts, and you get 3 drops. Unfortunately Zeelas mainly drop missiles and small energy, so this is really not worth it unless you are absolutely desperate.
Brinstar Spore spawn All 2 round spore spawn missile only Show Intermediate Video
Kill spore spawn in two rounds with only missiles
Brinstar Red Tower Elevator Any% 1 Farm (PRKD) Show Intermediate Video
You do two uppercut shots and you have to downgrab the ledge to make it.
Brinstar Fire Flea Room All 0 Tank XRay Pickup Show Advanced Video
How to collect X-Ray Scope with 0 energy tanks.
Crateria Ceres Ridley's Room All Zeni's Ceres Tutorial Show Beginner Video
Just me talking about how I approach each Ceres room.
Crateria Landing Site 100% Wrap-Around Shot (Wave) Show Beginner Video
Wrap-Around Shot (Wave) Picture. Hold charge at the pixel in the picture. Release shot and run right at the same time until the wrap-around is achieved.
Crateria Moat All Springball over Moat w/ Hi-Jump Show Beginner Video
In randomizer, when using springball to bounce over the moat, the speed required is different depending on whether you have Hi-Jump Boots equipped. Without Hi-Jump, it's better to start running from inside the moat room.

But if you start running from the previous room, you can make the jump without taking the time to remove Hi-Jump Boots. Get some distance from the door to build enough horizontal speed. With this setup, then you want to jump soon after passing through the door. Morph soon after jumping as well, unlike the non-Hi-Jump version where you morph late.
Crateria Moat All Spring ball over the moat Show Beginner Video
Useful for randomizer. If you have springball, you can mid-air morph, bounce off of the missile platform, and land on the other side.

It is technically possible to do this with Hi-Jump Boots, but significantly harder, so you'll likely want to turn them off before attempting this.
Crateria Parlor Any% Space Jump Speedball Show Beginner Video
In KPDR, the optimal strat for getting through Parlor at the end of the game on the way to Tourian is to Space Jump through the bomb blocks, but this variation is significantly easier, and only slightly slower.

Jump over the mound, use Space Jump to stay in the air, then morph into a Speedball on the far side of the pit. You can use the ceiling so that you can make the Space Jump a full jump.

Optimally, you will unmorph sooner than in the video, so you can open the door sooner.
Crateria West Ocean All Sky Missile collection with no items Show Beginner Video
The "intended" strat is to ride the Trippers in succession to the upper missile location, so while this is tedious, it's in logic for Item Randomizer, with any item set that allows access to this room. This is especially time-consuming because the Trippers only move when they're on-screen.

Walljumping off of the Trippers is finicky, because you will easily kago inside of them. If you're having trouble with this, it might be easier to follow the top Tripper all the way to the right-hand wall, and then walljump up to it there.
Crateria West Ocean 100% Sky Missile collection Show Beginner Video
To collect the top "Sky Missile", the easiest method is to use a diagonal shinespark launched from the isolated floating island, but this does cost both the time of the crash animation, and has a health cost as well.

Optimally, you can jump up from the top of the ridge, and arrest your horizontal momentum at the right moment to hit the missile location.

The "intended" strat is to ride the Trippers in succession to the upper missile location, so while this is tedious, it's in logic for Item Randomizer, with any item set that allows access to Wrecked Ship. This is especially time-consuming because the Trippers only move when they're on-screen.
Crateria Pit Room All S Pits Show Beginner Video
A fast way to kill the pirates and get a dboost.
Crateria Pit Room All Reverse Lower Norfair Show Intermediate Video
Enter LN through single chamber
Crateria Moat All Pond Fly Show Beginner Video
Minimum required strat to cross the moat with a shinespark. Much easier than Ocean Fly, and uses less health.
Crateria Parlor All Parlor blocks with speed booster, no short charge Show Beginner Video
Randomizers often require breaking through the parlor with speed booster. Here's how to do it if you can't pull off the short charge.
Crateria Parlor All Parlor blocks with only Speed Booster Show Beginner Video
If you only have Speed Booster, you can get through these bomb blocks in Parlor with no other items. Even easier randomizers will have this in logic because you can build a shinespark from the Ship, then jump over the mound, and shinespark through the bomb blocks. However, this is much easier.

This only requires a 1-tap to get the Blue Suit before you reach the end of the platform. From the mound, start walking left, then begin holding Dash half a second later.
Crateria West Ocean Any% Ocean Fly Show Intermediate Video
Open the Power Bomb door in the Kihunter Room, charge a shinespark, and go through the door to the Moat. Spinjump towards the pillar, fire a shot at the door, then activate the shinespark with Up or Angle Up, let go, press Right, then press Jump. If you time it right, the shot will hit the door and open it before you fly through.

The shot is most commonly a Super Missile, but can be a Missile or beam shot, but these have different timings.

The much easier alternative is the two-spark, starting the first spark in the Kihunter Room, then doing a separate spark in West Ocean. This is slightly slower, but much easier, and saves the health of sparking across the first part of West Ocean.
Crateria Statues Hallway All Mockball practice room Show Beginner Video
The Statues Hallway lies between the Statues Room ("Golden Four"), and the Green Pirates Shaft. This room is wide open, long, and has a flat floor, making it ideal to practice mockballs.

The Early Supers mockball has a door transition in the middle and has a small gap between the ceiling and the platform, which can make learning the necessary inputs tougher.
Crateria Moat All Horizontal Bomb Jump Show Intermediate Video
Horizontal Bomb Jump (HBJ) for crossing the moat. By Twocat.

Imgur album by sweetnumb explaining this trick.
Crateria West Ocean All Gravity Suit Backdoor (Bowling skip) Show Intermediate Video
It is possible to enter the Gravity Suit room from the back door using Grapple to get stuck inside the wall and then doing a Crystal Flash to force-stand. After that you can X-Ray climb up into the door transition.

Note that this still requires Phantoon to be defeated, otherwise Gravity Suit will not be spawned at its location.
Crateria Climb Room All Grab climb Show Intermediate Video
Use ledge grabs to quickly climb while avoiding the pirates.
Crateria Parlor Low% Glitched Getting 127 Power Bombs Show Intermediate Video
Essential for 0%, this setup will give you 127 Power Bombs without affecting your max count.
Crateria Terminator Room All Full Speed Terminator Show Advanced Video
If you can time your shots appropriately, you can move through this room with as much speed (i.e. do as much arm pumping) as you can handle. There are potential backups for the end of the room in the event you miss a shot and take a hit.
Crateria Moat All CWJ over the Moat Show Intermediate Video
LackAttack24 learning how to Continuous Wall Jump over the Moat to get to West Ocean.
Crateria Crateria Super Room All Crateria Supers without Ice Beam Show Beginner Video
From the pits with the Boyons, run left towards the door, and charge a shinespark. Then run to the right, jumping over the pits. The blue suit from the speed booster will prevent them from knocking you down. Then you can shinespark up the shaft, so you can grab the Climb Supers.

The infohud counter at the top left shows the duration of the shinespark, you can see that the window for the spark is relatively tight.
Crateria Crateria Super Room All Crateria Super Ball Boost Show Intermediate Video
A faster alternative to the Blue Suit strat, this one also allows you to collect the Climb Supers without Ice Beam.
Crateria Ceres Stair Room All Ceres Magnet Stairs Normalization Show Beginner Video
I've been working on a setup for this and found something that I think works for me. Wanted to share.
Crateria Ceres Ridley's Room All Ceres First Door '59"87 Setup Show Beginner Video
Quick tutorial on how to get the positioning for '59"87 through the first door.

Setup courtesy of EternisedDragon
Crateria Landing Site Low% Glitched Artificial Varia Show Intermediate Video
The method used in 0% to get Varia Suit without collecting Super Missiles.
Crateria Parlor All Alcatraz escape Show Beginner Video
Very basic trick that requires three accurate wall jumps and insta-morph from third wall jump. Tutorial is made by madpeter and shows inputs.
Crateria Parlor All Alcatraz Show Beginner Video
A walljump+morph in succession lets you escape this part of the room the way you entered instead of going around.
Crateria Bowling Alley All 1 tap bowling spark Show Beginner Video
Recreation of a 15 year old strategy for bowling sparks. Original video is here:

Recreation done to show magic pants + button presses