Area Room Category Name Difficulty
NorfairRed Kihunter ShaftAny%Red Kihunter Shaft lag reduction (Old Route)Intermediate
This strat is for reducing lag and getting faster room times in any% old route. This strat, at least for me, starts in WRITG/Amphitheater if for no other reason than menuing/setup for the Three Amigos.

When moving into the kii hunter shaft, make sure that power bombs has been deselected from the room before, hold a charge and angle down (L for most of you) while running through the door into the kii hunter shaft from amphitheater

Release Shot during the transition, the shot will break the blocks you need broken, continue to hold angle down as that will make sure you dont run over the one tile wide gap.

As you fall, angle straight down fire a shot or two to break the last set of shot blocks, and continue to hold shot to gain a charged shot, perform a downback to miss the ledge you would otherwise fall onto.

Make your way down the shaft, as soon as you're overtop the second kii hunter in the room, jump and fire straight down onto its head, this should kill it.

Charge another shot and proceed to the third kii hunter and use that charge shot to kill it. Proceed through the room as normal depending on power bomb count. Doing this strat will reduce lag on the power bomb lay at the orange door giving you a faster room time and faster split.

Video tutorial:
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