Area Room Category Name Difficulty
BrinstarNoob BridgeAllNoob Bridge Spike Suit Flash SuitBeginner
Items Needed: Speed Booster, Morphing Ball, Bombs (or a Power Bomb), turn off Springball

0. (optional) Kill all the frogs and cacti around the bridge.

1. Run along the bridge (either direction) and crouch to store a shinespark.

2. Morph, lay a bomb and bounce upward.

3. On the frame you hit the spikes, or the frame after, mash the jump button!

If done correctly, you will be blue and suspended midair. Activate a Shinespark by pressing Jump along with Up, R, or Forward (It doesn't matter, since you'll crash immediately). You now have a Shinespark stored!

There are great resources that explain Spike Suits more thoroughly, but I decided that there should be a simple and easy guide to set one up. Click here for more info on Spike Suits!