Area Room Category Name Difficulty
BrinstarKraid's RoomAllSuper Metroid - Kraid Quick Kill - Save One Super While Using The Easy Timing Charge StratBeginner
This tutorial assumes you are familiar with the "Charge shot followed by 4 Super Missiles Kraid Quick Kill". It also shows how to do this with "Item Cancel" on Y and "Shoot" on X. However, this works with any button configuration where "Item Select" is on Select, and "Item Cancel" and "Shoot" are adjacent in your control scheme.

By positioning your left hand over the select button, you can save one Super Missile during the Kraid Quick Kill by replacing it with a regular Missile. To do so:
1. Fire the charge shot at Kraid's head
2. Select Super Missiles
3. Jump when Kraids mouth begins to open
4. Fire a Super Missile on the way up of your jump, fire another on the way down
5. Jump, fire a 3rd Super Missile on the way up again
6. Using your left hand, quickly press and hold "Item Select", followed by your right hand quickly swiping across your "Item Cancel" button then your "Shoot" button. In most cases, this will be the sequence SELECT (hold), Y, X. This sequence will cause you to deselect Super Missiles, and quickly select a single Missile and fire.