Area Room Category Name Difficulty
MaridiaWest Sand HoleAllSuitless Maridia Reserve and Missile (Left Sand Pit) using Hi-Jump Boots, Power BombsIntermediate
In SM Arcade, the West Sand Hole contains a Missile pack and a Reserve Tank, a tantalizing treat for anyone capable of reaching it (in addition to the BREAK FREE achievement and associated point gain). Otherwise, the West Sand Hole is usually only visited suitless in randomizers due to its otherwise lackluster contents.

Note that this video expends 3 Power Bombs, but the full trick may be performed using only two. The Reserve Tank may be acquired by exploiting Samus' turning animation.

This is most easily performed by rolling against the pedestal in Morph Ball, then tapping Left to turn around without moving, then unmorphing and turning Right to clip into the Reserve Tank item with little fuss.

More details on individual steps in the trick are available in the YouTube video description.