Area Room Category Name Difficulty
EverywhereAnyAllAlternate Elevator Crystal Flash SuitsBeginner
This is an appendix to my previous guide explaining how to obtain a Flash Suit from the Upper Norfair Elevator. Read this first!

Uses: backup strat or alternate route for Dashless runs. Get certain items without SpeedBooster. Something to do with underflowing ammo for Low Beam% maybe?

Every setup:
All beam upgrades must be disabled. Hi-Jump can be disabled to make PB placement easier. Be familiar with where the PB should look relative to Samus's hip! If you hear the "zwoosh" from the end of the PB sound effect, you pressed down too early! You should always hear the elevator!

Green/Blue Brinstar:
Stand on the left side of the elevator and face left. You have 3-4 pixels of leeway here. To get the correct vertical offset, hold jump, then hold down as well. Morph just after bonking on the ceiling. The frame to go down the elevator is the same as the Upper Norfair setup. If done right, you will hear the shot collide with the side of the overhang, but the collision particle will not be visible.

Lower Norfair:
Placing the PB is the same as the Green/Blue Brinstar setups: Hold jump, hold down, bonk, morph, PB. Get used to how the PB should look relative to Samus's hip, because there is no background sprite to align with here! After placing the PB, hold L+R+Shot to shoot straight up. Press down just as your last shot rises above the vertical portion of the overhangs.

Red Tower/Maridia:
This is trickier. The platform in the middle of the room is placed such that you must bonk off of it with a spin jump! Because of this, there's no way to set up your X coordinate for a nice audio cue. Spin jump, bonk off the bottom of the platform, press Down twice to morph, then place your PB. You can fire diagonal shots to help your rhythm, and your last shot will be somewhere near the center of the 4-square in the background. Obviously, the farther left your spin jump takes you, the farther left your shot will be when you want to go down the elevator.