Area Room Category Name Difficulty
MaridiaDraygon Room14% X-IceLow% Gravityless Draygon TutorialAdvanced
*note* I forgot to mention that Draygon has 20 supers of health, and if using my method of counting shots, Draygon's health will be m:ii s:xviiii at the end of the fight. I forgot to add the last missile in the counter in the video.

A tutorial for how to do Draygon without gravity suit, particularly when you need to count your shots. Has both NTSC and PAL demonstrations.

0:00 Video introduction, description of fight, and showing safe spots
2:57 Demonstration of the fight (counting shots)
7:37 Getting carried to the top of the room
10:07 Showing a setup for the snipe
15:24 Getting the snipe
16:06 Pause abuse with a reserve tank
17:41 Chargeless fight
22:13 PAL Description and safe spots
24:57 PAL Snipe
25:20 Closing remarks