Area Room Category Name Description Difficulty Video
Brinstar Blue Brinstar Energy Tank Room All CWJ E-Tank Inputs Show Advanced Video
Spent some time TASing together potential inputs to grab this e-tank with the CWJ. Thanks so much to Sniq for all the help!

Attempt at risk of your sanity and well being >:)
Brinstar Blue Brinstar Energy Tank Room All Blue Brinstar E-Tank damage boost Show Beginner Video
The Tournament randomizer has in logic the ability to damage boost off of the Reo into the energy tank in the ceiling. You can do this by standing just to the right of the energy tank, and doing a full jump shortly before the Reo hits the ground during its swoop.

If you mess up, some people find it easier to just reset the room. Alternatively, you could kill the Reo and wait for the Geemer to come around so you can damage boost off of it.