Area Room Category Name Description Difficulty Video
Wrecked Ship Sponge Bath All Sponge Bath Strats Show Intermediate Video
A list off all the different strats to get through Sponge Bath (as far as I'm aware). There are other ways of doing these strats, but I only showed one way for each. For the speed booster method, a three tap is all that is needed, you don't need to do a stutter. On the spring ball jump, make sure you don't pause too early or late. The bomb jumps are pretty precise so they can be difficult. You want to place the bombs about where they are in the video, and they can even be a little higher. The bomb jumps are exactly the same with power bombs as well. If you run low on power bombs, the Bull (sponge) will drop some. Any of these methods can be forced in Total's randomizer.
Wrecked Ship Sponge Bath All 2 Tap Bowling Spark Show Beginner Video
Start moving forward at the moment the water reaches it's lowest point. The first tap happens about the same time as the splash animation that appears as you exit the water. The second tap should be right before you enter the door. This makes it quite a bit easier than the 1 tap method since it gives you more room to grab the spark and a bit of space for running speed through the door to bowling. Use the patch for InfoHUD that shows the dash counter to make sure you have both taps before you hit the door transition.