Area Room Category Name Description Difficulty Video
Tourian Mother Brain Room All Zebetite Skip Show Beginner Video
The trick for the spinjump method is to do a low spinjump into the zebetite, keep a low vertical speed.
Tourian Mother Brain Room 100% Standup Glitch Show Beginner Video
Here is a detailed tutorial on how to safely do standup without breaking the game.
Tourian Mother Brain Room All Spring Ball Zeb Skip Show Beginner Video
There is an easy Zeb Skip method that's possible if you destroy the first Zebetite with missiles, and then do the Zeb Skip on the second Zebetite using Spring Ball. Jump into the frozen Rinka, and Samus should be put into a crouching pose. Then just morph, and then use Springball to jump through the Zebetite.

Shoutouts to andrew/foosda for telling me this was possible.
Tourian Mother Brain Room All No Downback Zeb Skip Show Advanced Video
You don't need to downback at all to get through without a spinjump if you time your beam shot appropriately with the right setup.
Tourian Mother Brain Room All Mother Brain Anti-Slowlock Show Beginner Video
Just something I may have stumbled across after John's multi-category race.
Tourian Mother Brain Room All Downback Zeb Skip Show Intermediate Video
I made a really crappy tutorial for this awhile ago that people seemed to actually like, so I made a way better one the other day. Hopefully this helps people struggling with the strat!
Tourian Mother Brain Room All Airball Show Advanced Video
(You can get 6 missiles into the glass before killing the Rinkas, but 4-5 is quite a bit safer)
If you have Space Jump this is the best strategy to set up the rinkas and do away with Mother Brain 1 quickly. It saves at least a second over the strategies without Space Jump that you would see featured in PRKD any% runs. it is a little bit risky, however, because depending on how you fail it the Rinka positions could become absolutely awful and cause major time loss.