Area Room Category Name Description Difficulty Video
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room All Phantoon Super Frame Tutorial Show Advanced Video
Frame Perfect Super Missile Phantoon Strats
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room All Phantoon Pattern Recognition and X-Factors Show Intermediate Video
Video by hcfwesker
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room 100% Phantoon 2-Round Xfactor Show Intermediate Video
Here is the best way to do a 2 round phantoon with xfactor. This is dbx's not mine.
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room Any% Phantoon 2-Round Doppler Show Advanced Video
This is a really good visualization video that shows how one would optimally do each of the (usual) patterns for each of the rounds. Note that this isn't quite the fastest way possible because sometimes it's faster to shoot him before he goes offscreen.
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room Any% Ice+Wave+Spazer 3-round Show Beginner Video
Saves a pause and does a 3 round if you're doing late ice and spazer any% route.

Also if you're doing 100% with ice clip and you cannot 2 round doppler consistently, then this is absolutely the fastest way to 3 round as Phantoon will never have to leave the screen.
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room All Doppler rhythm Show Intermediate Video
The cooldown for missiles is 9 frames, but to avoid having an input not register by being too early, the ideal doppler spacing is 10 frames. This gives a tempo of 350 beats per minute, which this video essentially gives a metronome for.

This helps greatly with the Phantoon fight, although dopplers are also useful elsewhere in the game, like Spore Spawn, or missiling red doors.
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room All 1 Round Phantoon Show Advanced Video
1 Round Phantoon strat by Shiny Zeni