Area Room Category Name Description Difficulty Video
Maridia Mt. Everest 14% Icebooster Suitless/Highjumpless Mt. Everest Tutorial Show Advanced Video
Shows setups and strategies in order to help one progress through the mountain in Maridia. This strategy also works for 14% X-Ice.
Maridia Mt. Everest 14% X-Ice Suitless, Highjumpless Maridia: Mt. Everest through Bot Tank Show Advanced Video
Recommend watching on yt directly, there is some important info in the description.
Maridia Mt. Everest All Starfall Show Intermediate Video
100% map strategy for mount everest which doesn't rely on grapple jumps.
Maridia Mt. Everest Any% Everest Spark on PAL Show Beginner Video
Due to the slightly different physics used in the PAL version, this spark cannot be done from the floor, jumping up before activating the spark is required to clear the overhang.
Maridia Mt. Everest Any% Everest Spark Show Beginner Video
The most common method to reach the upper right door of the room is to charge a shinespark along the floor of the room, then hold Angle Up to do a diagonal spark while standing between the second and third floating islands.

If you want to save health for Botwoon, you can spinjump up before sparking to slightly reduce the distance required.
Maridia Mt. Everest Any% Everest Pseudo Screw Show Beginner Video
Only a couple seconds slower than the diagonal spark to the top-right of Everest, you can also get there with a jump from just after the peak of the second island, then walljumping the rest of the way up. You'll need to charge a shot in order to Pseudo Screw through the Powamp.