Area Room Category Name Description Difficulty Video
Everywhere Any 100% Mid-Air Springball Jumping Show Beginner Video
Useful in many places e.g. ascending red tower, screw attack, main street, writg, pre-Draygon.
Tourian Mother Brain Room 100% Standup Glitch Show Beginner Video
Here is a detailed tutorial on how to safely do standup without breaking the game.
Maridia Shaktool room 100% new Shaktool speed-strategy for TAS and humans Show Beginner Video
The first shown method in the video needs good timing and precision, and is thus meant for TAS (one turns around as ball right after shooting the projectile). The second method is easily doable: First one can get in contact with shaktool for temporary invulnerability to safely get to the right side without any annoying knockback as ball to shoot at the snail during the crouch and facing left when it gets hit so it stays within the screen which it needs to be able to move. Then one gets temporary invulnerability again to be able to quickly move past the snail (without getting stopped by it). The general idea of the trick is to manipulate the snail to break blocks instead of Shaktool.
Maridia Mama Turtle Room 100% Mama Turtle Item Collection Show Beginner Video
The easiest method to collect the Energy Tank is to charge a shinespark, then jump off the ledge towards the center of the room, and spark up. The fastest way is to charge the spark while you open the red door, but you could alternatively open the door, then charge the spark through the room transition.

If you end up standing on the Energy Tank's platform after collecting it, you can run off the ledge to the right, angle down, and fire to expose the missiles, and you'll collect them. You'll likely need to stand left of the center of the platform to get enough run speed for this.
Maridia Mainstreet 100% Main Street Missile 2-tap shinespark Show Beginner Video
To get the missile pack, the optimal shinespark is along the floor, but this is a very difficult short charge, requiring a stutter-3, or a 4-tap. Slightly slower is to go up to the platform with the door to Fish Tank, and do a 2-tap. A 1-tap will also work, but the spark would need to be charged very late on the platform, so a 2-tap would be more comfortable for most runners.

The spark can be lined up using either the 3-leaf plant on the ground, or by brushing up against the right side of the bottom-left floating platform.

Without short charging, this requires starting a charge in Crab Tunnel, but many people find this more difficult than the 2-tap on the platform above, because of the door transition being in the middle of the maneuver.
Maridia Pants Room 100% Consistent Springball Ice Clip Show Intermediate Video
The trick is to align to the wall before the screen starts scrolling upward. This is horrible, but I wanted to show this in some way, so here. Pardon the audio being a second or so behind. Shoutouts to ED, behemoth, and Feral for the strat.
Norfair Post Crocomire Jump Room 100% Pre-Grapple Strats without Grapple Show Beginner Video
The fastest strat in this room, the "Indiana Jones", involves swinging from the Rippers to get to the missile pack. However, if you're not consistent at doing that properly, this strat is only slightly slower.

Run through the Speed Booster blocks, jump at the end of the ramp and wall jump up to the missile pack. Then go back down, jump off the ramp up to the Grapple Room door, then you can jump over the Ripper and do a really satisfying mockball under the Mellas.
Norfair Post Crocomire Farming Room 100% Post Crocomire Farming Room Jump Show Beginner Video
To get to the Power Bomb room with Hi Jump Boots, you can kill a wave of Gamets, run back without picking up their drops, then run through the drops and jump up.
Norfair Crumble Shaft 100% Crumble Shaft missiles (optimal) Show Advanced Video
Fire a shot as you crest the third small hill, and release dash at the same time. This will open the door with enough time that you can run through. Start holding another shot before you hit the door, and release shot during the door transition. Once the next room loads, the shot should fire automatically, and you can jump to the other side.

The window on this jump is very small before you hit the crumble blocks, so you'll need to be precise. If the second Dessgeega jumps low, you'll need to fire the shot while Samus is inside its hitbox, where you can fire it earlier if the Dessgeega jumps high.
Norfair Crumble Shaft 100% Crumble Shaft missiles (intermediate) Show Intermediate Video
In the beginner strategy, the shinespark crash animation does cost time, so it would be faster to Space Jump across the room, as long as you're confident in not falling down.

One thing to watch out for is that the missile pack takes about 10 frames to spawn after the shot block gets destroyed, so in order for Samus' hitbox to touch the missile pack without falling past it, you will generally need to fire your shot at the peak of a jump, or while rising.
Norfair Crumble Shaft 100% Crumble Shaft missiles (beginner) Show Beginner Video
This strat uses a shinespark to reach the missile location.

You can attempt a 2-tap short charge, and if you run into one of the enemies you can continue holding Dash and Left, and use your i-frames to get through the rest of the enemies. Then charge the shinespark, open the door, and spark through. After you crash against the wall, hold Left and Angle Down and fire a shot, and you'll pick up the item.
Norfair Main Hall 100% Acid Statue Spring Ball Show Intermediate Video
The Speed Booster can give you the blue state from a 2-tap, which will allow you to get through the flame jets easily and quickly.

The springball through the door is much more difficult though, so a beginner can just skip that and Space Jump to the door before opening it.
Norfair Crocomire's Room 100% "New Route" Crocomire Show Beginner Video
Just a quick little demonstration of how to do the croc wrap around thingie.
Wrecked Ship East Missile Room 100% Worker Robot Fast Strat Show Beginner Video
This is very finicky, because what the robots do is sometimes unexpected.
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room 100% Phantoon 2-Round Xfactor Show Intermediate Video
Here is the best way to do a 2 round phantoon with xfactor. This is dbx's not mine.
Wrecked Ship Spiky Death Room 100% Full Death Room Shinespark Show Intermediate Video
I prefer the method where you don't land on the platform, but it's up to your discretion.
Wrecked Ship Attic 100% 2 Supers and Blue Show Intermediate Video
This one takes some practice.
Brinstar Big Pink 100% Spore Spawn Super Block Reach Around Show Beginner Video
Make sure to get a good visual cue.
Brinstar Red Tower 100% Red Tower Downgrab Show Intermediate Video
This is quite tricky. The key is to get a good delayed walljump.
Brinstar Pink Brinstar Power Bomb Room 100% Pink Brinstar Powerbomb Quickdrop Escape Show Beginner Video
A quick tutorial on how exactly this quickdrop and escape works. Apparently this is called mission impossible.
Crateria Landing Site 100% Wrap-Around Shot (Wave) Show Beginner Video
Wrap-Around Shot (Wave) Picture. Hold charge at the pixel in the picture. Release shot and run right at the same time until the wrap-around is achieved.
Crateria West Ocean 100% Sky Missile collection Show Beginner Video
To collect the top "Sky Missile", the easiest method is to use a diagonal shinespark launched from the isolated floating island, but this does cost both the time of the crash animation, and has a health cost as well.

Optimally, you can jump up from the top of the ridge, and arrest your horizontal momentum at the right moment to hit the missile location.

The "intended" strat is to ride the Trippers in succession to the upper missile location, so while this is tedious, it's in logic for Item Randomizer, with any item set that allows access to Wrecked Ship. This is especially time-consuming because the Trippers only move when they're on-screen.