Area Room Category Name Description Difficulty Video
Everywhere Any Any% Zoast's Tutorial Show Beginner Video
Zoast's (Zoasty) any% tutorial. More modern but longer and more in depth.
Everywhere Any Any% Zeni's PRKD Tutorial Show Intermediate Video
A Playlist Collection of videos I recorded and released to help people learning/running Any% PRKD
Everywhere Any Any% Mishrak's beginner any% tutorial Show Beginner Video
A modern any% tutorial for absolute beginners.
Everywhere Any Any% Golden's Tutorial Show Beginner Video
Golden's any% tutorial
Everywhere Any Any% Galamoz movement tutorial Show Beginner Video
Galamoz teaching movement principals using any% KPDR as an example.
Tourian Big Boy Room Any% Metroid Skip Tutorial Show Intermediate Video
really bad tutorial, but it's all i've got
Maridia Colosseum Any% womple jump Show Beginner Video
Exit Colosseum quickly by retaining speed from the precious room. Be careful not to hit the first platform!
Maridia Mt. Everest Any% Everest Spark on PAL Show Beginner Video
Due to the slightly different physics used in the PAL version, this spark cannot be done from the floor, jumping up before activating the spark is required to clear the overhang.
Maridia Mt. Everest Any% Everest Spark Show Beginner Video
The most common method to reach the upper right door of the room is to charge a shinespark along the floor of the room, then hold Angle Up to do a diagonal spark while standing between the second and third floating islands.

If you want to save health for Botwoon, you can spinjump up before sparking to slightly reduce the distance required.
Maridia Mt. Everest Any% Everest Pseudo Screw Show Beginner Video
Only a couple seconds slower than the diagonal spark to the top-right of Everest, you can also get there with a jump from just after the peak of the second island, then walljumping the rest of the way up. You'll need to charge a shot in order to Pseudo Screw through the Powamp.
Maridia Botwoon Room Any% Botwoon opening patterns Show Intermediate Video
Explanation of botwoon's opening patterns.
Maridia Draygon Room Any% 2 with Blue Draygon Tutorial Show Intermediate Video
A tutorial by Mackemagi about how to kill Draygon in 2 rounds and get blue suit. This can also be done in 100% or anytime you have gravity and speed. You'll have to adjust a bit if you don't have hi-jump. It is possible to do this with out the X Factor but you will have less room for error on the sparks.
Norfair Ice Beam Gate Room Any% Upper vs Lower Route Comparison (Ice to LN) Show Beginner Video
Upper vs Lower route comparison from Ice Escape to Lava Dive for Any% KPDR (Old Route).

Video by Jack879
Norfair Worst Room in the Game Any% Right Side (KPDR) Show Advanced Video
Saves maybe 20-30f optimally, but less consistent.
Norfair Pillar Room Any% Pillar Room Comparison Show Intermediate Video
This video compares four different strategies for Any% KPDR in the pre-pillars and pillars rooms.
Norfair Ice Beam Gate Room Any% No Blue Entrance (KPDR) Show Advanced Video
Running under the gates without blue suit lets you Space Jump through the next room. Saves 45ish frames if done right.

You want to press and hold the shot button while in the transition, and when Samus flashes once from having a full charge release both shot and run then arm pump.

When in the next room you need to jump as soon as possible and really low. Then so another SJ as low as possible.
Norfair Metal Pirates Room Any% Metal Pirates Shinesparks Show Intermediate Video
Strategy for shinesparking the metal pirates.
Norfair Ice Beam Gate Room Any% Ice Escape Mockball Show Intermediate Video
By freezing both green platforms in place next to the second pillar, you can run along the length of them to get enough speed to make it past the gate, using a short-hop mockball.

If you have Speed Booster, you can save time by standing up and running as soon as you're done passing under the first gate.
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room Any% Phantoon 2-Round Doppler Show Advanced Video
This is a really good visualization video that shows how one would optimally do each of the (usual) patterns for each of the rounds. Note that this isn't quite the fastest way possible because sometimes it's faster to shoot him before he goes offscreen.
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room Any% Ice+Wave+Spazer 3-round Show Beginner Video
Saves a pause and does a 3 round if you're doing late ice and spazer any% route.

Also if you're doing 100% with ice clip and you cannot 2 round doppler consistently, then this is absolutely the fastest way to 3 round as Phantoon will never have to leave the screen.
Brinstar Red Tower Any% Lower Red Tower with only Hi Jump Boots Show Beginner Video
The walljump off of the ledge will be in the logic of most randomizers, as long as you have Hi Jump Boots. Ice Beam is not necessary to climb this room.

It's also used for Any% KPDR, after the runners drop Early Ice.
Brinstar Red Tower Elevator Any% High Bomb (KPDR) Show Intermediate Video
If you bonk the door coming out of alpha power bombs and release run in the door transition you can jump up to that first platform without needing to wall jump.

The speedy jump after the second cacatac is tricky and doesn't save much time, so opting to skip that is probably best.
Brinstar Hellway Any% 3 farm (KPDR) Show Intermediate Video
Just about half a second slower than doing 2 dboosts, and you get 3 drops. Unfortunately Zeelas mainly drop missiles and small energy, so this is really not worth it unless you are absolutely desperate.
Brinstar Red Tower Elevator Any% 1 Farm (PRKD) Show Intermediate Video
You do two uppercut shots and you have to downgrab the ledge to make it.
Crateria Parlor Any% Space Jump Speedball Show Beginner Video
In KPDR, the optimal strat for getting through Parlor at the end of the game on the way to Tourian is to Space Jump through the bomb blocks, but this variation is significantly easier, and only slightly slower.

Jump over the mound, use Space Jump to stay in the air, then morph into a Speedball on the far side of the pit. You can use the ceiling so that you can make the Space Jump a full jump.

Optimally, you will unmorph sooner than in the video, so you can open the door sooner.
Crateria West Ocean Any% Ocean Fly Show Intermediate Video
Open the Power Bomb door in the Kihunter Room, charge a shinespark, and go through the door to the Moat. Spinjump towards the pillar, fire a shot at the door, then activate the shinespark with Up or Angle Up, let go, press Right, then press Jump. If you time it right, the shot will hit the door and open it before you fly through.

The shot is most commonly a Super Missile, but can be a Missile or beam shot, but these have different timings.

The much easier alternative is the two-spark, starting the first spark in the Kihunter Room, then doing a separate spark in West Ocean. This is slightly slower, but much easier, and saves the health of sparking across the first part of West Ocean.