Area Room Category Name Description Difficulty Video
Maridia Colosseum Any% womple jump Show Beginner Video
Exit Colosseum quickly by retaining speed from the precious room. Be careful not to hit the first platform!
Maridia The Precious Room 14% Iceboots Underwater Wall Jump (UWJ) tutorial Show Advanced Video
This tutorial will explain how to perform an UWJ (Underwater Wall Jump) so you can use it for the precious room in 14% iceboots, but can also be use for 14% speedboots
Maridia Mt. Everest 14% Icebooster Suitless/Highjumpless Mt. Everest Tutorial Show Advanced Video
Shows setups and strategies in order to help one progress through the mountain in Maridia. This strategy also works for 14% X-Ice.
Maridia Mt. Everest 14% X-Ice Suitless, Highjumpless Maridia: Mt. Everest through Bot Tank Show Advanced Video
Recommend watching on yt directly, there is some important info in the description.
Maridia Mainstreet 14% X-Ice Suitless, Highjumpless Maridia: Mainstreet Show Intermediate Video
Maridia Colosseum 14% X-Ice Suitless, Highjumpless Maridia: (Pre-)Colosseum Show Intermediate Video
Both rooms are relatively easy, just gotta be careful on the spikes.
Maridia Shaktool room All Suitless Shaktool (Ice, Grapple, Space Jump, HiJump, Springball) Show Intermediate Video
Get to Shaktool without Gravity Suit. Currently in logic in hard SMZ3 logic.
Here is an alternate way to get up past the grapple block without springball, using a flatley jump.
Maridia West Sand Hole All Suitless Maridia Reserve and Missile (Left Sand Pit) using Hi-Jump Boots, Power Bombs Show Intermediate Video
In SM Arcade, the West Sand Hole contains a Missile pack and a Reserve Tank, a tantalizing treat for anyone capable of reaching it (in addition to the BREAK FREE achievement and associated point gain). Otherwise, the West Sand Hole is usually only visited suitless in randomizers due to its otherwise lackluster contents.

Note that this video expends 3 Power Bombs, but the full trick may be performed using only two. The Reserve Tank may be acquired by exploiting Samus' turning animation.

This is most easily performed by rolling against the pedestal in Morph Ball, then tapping Left to turn around without moving, then unmorphing and turning Right to clip into the Reserve Tank item with little fuss.

More details on individual steps in the trick are available in the YouTube video description.
Maridia West Sand Hole All Suitless Left Sandpit with HJB + Spring Show Intermediate Video
Alternative to mashing walljumps.
Maridia Botwoon Hallway All suitless CF clip Show Intermediate Video
using the crystal flash clip to clip through crumble blocks when underwater without gravity suit, can be used to access botwoon without ice or access shaktool room
Maridia Mt. Everest All Starfall Show Intermediate Video
100% map strategy for mount everest which doesn't rely on grapple jumps.
Maridia Halfie Climb Room All Pre-Colosseum Spark for Map Completion Show Intermediate Video
The fastest strat for this room involves charging a shinespark, getting over the pipe column, and sparking to the right to get through the Speed Booster blocks.
Maridia Halfie Climb Room All Pre-Colosseum Map Completion without a spark Show Beginner Video
You can clip through the Oums by pushing against them, then jumping against them twice while aiming down.
Maridia Pants Room All Pants Room Sand Escape Show Beginner Video
Mostly only useful for Randomizers and Puzzles, but it's good to know in the situation you need it! I hope you have Hi-Jump Boots!

1. Stand on one end of the sand pit with your back against the wall.

2. Crouch.

3. Hold jump. Just after the initial press, hold forward as well.

4. At the crest of your jump, jump forward again. Continue to do so until you reach the far wall. Turn around, and continue spin-jumping until you are out!
Maridia Shaktool room 100% new Shaktool speed-strategy for TAS and humans Show Beginner Video
The first shown method in the video needs good timing and precision, and is thus meant for TAS (one turns around as ball right after shooting the projectile). The second method is easily doable: First one can get in contact with shaktool for temporary invulnerability to safely get to the right side without any annoying knockback as ball to shoot at the snail during the crouch and facing left when it gets hit so it stays within the screen which it needs to be able to move. Then one gets temporary invulnerability again to be able to quickly move past the snail (without getting stopped by it). The general idea of the trick is to manipulate the snail to break blocks instead of Shaktool.
Maridia West Sand Hole All Maridia Sand Bomb Jump Show Intermediate Video
Little tutorial on how to do the janky bomb jump to cross this room without Gravity in NTSC.
Maridia Mama Turtle Room All Mama Turtle Room without Gravity or Grapple Show Beginner Video
If you have Hi-Jump Boots and Speed Booster but no Gravity Suit, you can jump from the top-left ledge in the room, then walljump off the side of the pedestal.
Maridia Mama Turtle Room 100% Mama Turtle Item Collection Show Beginner Video
The easiest method to collect the Energy Tank is to charge a shinespark, then jump off the ledge towards the center of the room, and spark up. The fastest way is to charge the spark while you open the red door, but you could alternatively open the door, then charge the spark through the room transition.

If you end up standing on the Energy Tank's platform after collecting it, you can run off the ledge to the right, angle down, and fire to expose the missiles, and you'll collect them. You'll likely need to stand left of the center of the platform to get enough run speed for this.
Maridia Mainstreet 100% Main Street Missile 2-tap shinespark Show Beginner Video
To get the missile pack, the optimal shinespark is along the floor, but this is a very difficult short charge, requiring a stutter-3, or a 4-tap. Slightly slower is to go up to the platform with the door to Fish Tank, and do a 2-tap. A 1-tap will also work, but the spark would need to be charged very late on the platform, so a 2-tap would be more comfortable for most runners.

The spark can be lined up using either the 3-leaf plant on the ground, or by brushing up against the right side of the bottom-left floating platform.

Without short charging, this requires starting a charge in Crab Tunnel, but many people find this more difficult than the 2-tap on the platform above, because of the door transition being in the middle of the maneuver.
Maridia Draygon Room 14% X-Ice Low% Gravityless Draygon Tutorial Show Advanced Video
*note* I forgot to mention that Draygon has 20 supers of health, and if using my method of counting shots, Draygon's health will be m:ii s:xviiii at the end of the fight. I forgot to add the last missile in the counter in the video.

A tutorial for how to do Draygon without gravity suit, particularly when you need to count your shots. Has both NTSC and PAL demonstrations.

0:00 Video introduction, description of fight, and showing safe spots
2:57 Demonstration of the fight (counting shots)
7:37 Getting carried to the top of the room
10:07 Showing a setup for the snipe
15:24 Getting the snipe
16:06 Pause abuse with a reserve tank
17:41 Chargeless fight
22:13 PAL Description and safe spots
24:57 PAL Snipe
25:20 Closing remarks
Maridia Aqueduct All Fast Snail Climb Show Intermediate Video
By crouching and holding down while on the crab you'll get pushed up by it while it's moving without taking damage.

Note that the camera will not follow you when you do this so you have to rely on visual cues for when to jump off onto the platform.

(This does not work in the PAL version)
Maridia Mt. Everest Any% Everest Spark on PAL Show Beginner Video
Due to the slightly different physics used in the PAL version, this spark cannot be done from the floor, jumping up before activating the spark is required to clear the overhang.
Maridia Mt. Everest Any% Everest Spark Show Beginner Video
The most common method to reach the upper right door of the room is to charge a shinespark along the floor of the room, then hold Angle Up to do a diagonal spark while standing between the second and third floating islands.

If you want to save health for Botwoon, you can spinjump up before sparking to slightly reduce the distance required.
Maridia Mt. Everest Any% Everest Pseudo Screw Show Beginner Video
Only a couple seconds slower than the diagonal spark to the top-right of Everest, you can also get there with a jump from just after the peak of the second island, then walljumping the rest of the way up. You'll need to charge a shot in order to Pseudo Screw through the Powamp.
Maridia Draygon Room All Draygon Springball Escape (Double Springball Jump) Show Intermediate Video
Alternative way to escape Draygon's room suitless. Needs Springball and Hi-Jump boots. Timing of the first Springball jump is key. Should be as late as possible, and while the screen is fading out for the menu.
Maridia Draygon Room Reverse Boss Order Draygon RBO Fight Show Intermediate Video
My tutorial for the Draygon RBO Fight
Maridia Draygon Room Reverse Boss Order Draygon RBO Escape (Grapple Jump) Show Intermediate Video
My tutorial for the Grapple Jump escape from Draygon's room in RBO
Maridia Draygon Room Reverse Boss Order Draygon Grapple Escape Tutorial Show Intermediate Video
A tutorial by foosda on how to escape Draygon's room suitless if you have grapple. Works generally everywhere where you can swing suitless underwater with grapple.
Maridia Draygon Room All Draygon Damage Boost Show Beginner Video
If you do a full jump when Draygon's babies first contact her, you can dboost off of the bottom turret, and the timing will be good for the drops to appear just as you start passing through them.
Maridia Draygon Room All Draygon - Avoiding Chain Damage Show Beginner Video
I made a video about this to try and help people out. Good luck!
Maridia Draygon Room All dBoost Shinespark Draygon kill Show Intermediate Video
Release the jump button to end the dBoost, the shinespark will be immediatly set off.
If you are on the right height and dont get hit by draygon you can dBoost again for perfect positioning.

This does inconsistant damage, the closer you let draygon get the more damage youll do.
Maridia Pants Room All Crystal Flash Clip Show Beginner Video
Quick video on how to Crystal Flash clip. Two setups:

-- Gravity + Morph Bombs
-- Suitless

Can be used to break crumble blocks in Pre-Botwoon and Pants rooms.

Maridia Pants Room 100% Consistent Springball Ice Clip Show Intermediate Video
The trick is to align to the wall before the screen starts scrolling upward. This is horrible, but I wanted to show this in some way, so here. Pardon the audio being a second or so behind. Shoutouts to ED, behemoth, and Feral for the strat.
Maridia Botwoon Room All Botwoon Skip Tutorial Show Advanced Video
A demonstration and explanation of the most simple and easy method to Skip Botwoon using major glitches.
Maridia Botwoon All botwoon raindance Show Intermediate Video
alternate setup for the botwoon xfactor
Maridia Botwoon Room Any% Botwoon opening patterns Show Intermediate Video
Explanation of botwoon's opening patterns.
Maridia Botwoon Hallway All Botwoon Ice Clip Show Beginner Video
Get in the corner with the mochtroid, crouch and hold both angle up and angle down to have Samus aim straight up, and then freeze the mochtroid. You then want to do a jump and then press down immediately (do not spam so you do not morph) and it should put Samus in a standing position inside the mochtroid. Do another jump and press down and you should be in a position where you can press up then jump to clip through the floor. If you have trouble with the second down input, you can hold down the entire time and you will automatically down jump on the first frame, making it work every time.
Maridia Botwoon Hallway All Botwoon Hallway CF Ceiling Clip Show Beginner Video
How to clip through the crumble blocks with a crystal flash.
Maridia Botwoon Room Any% Botwoon Alternate X-Factor Setup Show Intermediate Video
An alternate setup for X-Factoring Botwoon. AKA D-Factor

Tutorial by Popplars. Strat by Decalled.
Maridia Watering Hole All Bootless Suitless Watering Hole Show Beginner Video
Basically only useful in Door Rando, or SMZ3 Crossover Rando. Perhaps some Puzzles, as well.

1. Tap forward, then hold jump to perform a stationary spinjump.

2. At the crest of your jump, hold Forward and mash Jump
Maridia Aqueduct All Aqueduct Snail Clip Show Beginner Video
Just a short demonstration/explanation for getting to the supers and missiles in aqueduct without a shinespark or bluesuit. Another thing to note is that you must have gravity suit to do this.
Maridia Draygon Room Any% 2 with Blue Draygon Tutorial Show Intermediate Video
A tutorial by Mackemagi about how to kill Draygon in 2 rounds and get blue suit. This can also be done in 100% or anytime you have gravity and speed. You'll have to adjust a bit if you don't have hi-jump. It is possible to do this with out the X Factor but you will have less room for error on the sparks.