Area Room Category Name Description Difficulty Video
Norfair Ridley's Room Reverse Boss Order Zeni's RBO Ridley Tutorial Show Advanced Video
People have been asking me a lot of RBO questions lately, one in particular is my Ridley strat. I made this on a whim, hope it helps someone!
Norfair Fast Ripper Room Reverse Boss Order Zeni's RBO GGG Tutorial Show Intermediate Video
Just some different GGG methods to try out.

Update: Be sure to check out this video as well, with some frame analysis and additional info!
Norfair Ice Beam Gate Room Any% Upper vs Lower Route Comparison (Ice to LN) Show Beginner Video
Upper vs Lower route comparison from Ice Escape to Lava Dive for Any% KPDR (Old Route).

Video by Jack879
Norfair Post Crocomire Jump Room All Stutter-3 to break Speed Booster blocks (no Power Bombs) Show Advanced Video
Post Crocomire Jump Room (PCJR) strat showing setup and input for a short charge to allow access to the Missile item in the room without access to Power Bombs. Useful in a randomizer environment.
Norfair Worst Room in the Game Any% Right Side (KPDR) Show Advanced Video
Saves maybe 20-30f optimally, but less consistent.
Norfair Ridley's Room All Ridley Explanation and Endurance Tutorial Show Advanced Video
First half is my endurance strategy, second half is some AI explanations that go along with it.
Norfair Red Kihunter Shaft All Red Kihunter Shaft Bomb Spread Show Beginner Video
In categories with only one pack of Power Bombs, if you used Power Bombs in the Pillars Room, you can't use a Power Bomb to destroy these three blocks without needing to pick up the Power Bombs of Shame. Instead, use this bomb spread to take out two of the blocks quickly.
Norfair Post Crocomire Jump Room 100% Pre-Grapple Strats without Grapple Show Beginner Video
The fastest strat in this room, the "Indiana Jones", involves swinging from the Rippers to get to the missile pack. However, if you're not consistent at doing that properly, this strat is only slightly slower.

Run through the Speed Booster blocks, jump at the end of the ramp and wall jump up to the missile pack. Then go back down, jump off the ramp up to the Grapple Room door, then you can jump over the Ripper and do a really satisfying mockball under the Mellas.
Norfair Post Crocomire Farming Room 100% Post Crocomire Farming Room Jump Show Beginner Video
To get to the Power Bomb room with Hi Jump Boots, you can kill a wave of Gamets, run back without picking up their drops, then run through the drops and jump up.
Norfair Pillar Room Any% Pillar Room Comparison Show Intermediate Video
This video compares four different strategies for Any% KPDR in the pre-pillars and pillars rooms.
Norfair Ice Beam Gate Room Any% No Blue Entrance (KPDR) Show Advanced Video
Running under the gates without blue suit lets you Space Jump through the next room. Saves 45ish frames if done right.

You want to press and hold the shot button while in the transition, and when Samus flashes once from having a full charge release both shot and run then arm pump.

When in the next room you need to jump as soon as possible and really low. Then so another SJ as low as possible.
Norfair Metal Pirates Room Any% Metal Pirates Shinesparks Show Intermediate Video
Strategy for shinesparking the metal pirates.
Norfair Lava Dive Room All Lava Dive with Hi-Jump Boots Show Intermediate Video
Align Samus with the edge of the horizontal platform above the door and run towards the open door. After taking approximately two steps forward, jump and hold jump. After the transition, hold down. With proper timing, you should have entered the lava pool without losing any momentum. From there, morph and hold left during the dive until you reach the far left Namihe. Jump on top of the Namihe, making sure to avoid any fireballs in the way. Walljump off of the Namihe above and let your momentum carry you to the right wall below the final Namihe. Walljump in place until an opportune time (when there isn't a fireball in the way) to walljump off of the final Namihe. Alternatively, you can skip walljumping off the final Namihe if you are comfortable doing so. Use your momentum to hit the final walljump off of the side of the top left platform near Ridley's maw.
Norfair Lava Dive Room All Lava Dive with Gravity Suit Show Beginner Video
The trick, known as Gravity Jump, allows the player to enter Lower Norfair without Space Jump. One thing to keep in mind is to press start and move while the screen is fading to black. The later you jump, the more height you will cover. The video showcases the trick with and without Hi-Jump Boots.
Norfair Lava Dive Room Any% GT Code Lava Dive Show Intermediate Video
As normal, it takes a good bit of practice to get good at these, so just keep trying.

00:26 - Bounceball Entrance
2:28 - Hjless Gravityless
9:25 - With Hj no Gravity
12:15 - Gravity Jump w/ Hj
14:55 - Gravity Jump w/o Hj
Norfair Kronic Boost Room All Kronic Boost Show Intermediate Video
The setup shown here involves using Jump to unmorph, then holding it for the duration of the damage boost. The power bomb is laid near the top of the spike in the background texture, so that it's low enough to open the door, while not being so low that it destroys the Viola.

There is a faster setup that involves planting the Power Bomb directly next to the door, and then damage boosting off of the Viola before it gets killed by the blast.
Norfair Lava Dive Room GT Classic In-depth HJ-less lava dive tutorial Show Advanced Video
Also used in Any% GT Code and possibly randos.

Builds on matrick's lava dive tutorial by focusing on lava dive WITHOUT high jump boots. Also covers DBJ in Cathedral Entrance and minor deviations with GGG.

Norfair Ice Beam Gate Room All Ice Mockball Show Beginner Video
To get past the gates without speedbooster, you will need to mockball. A short-hop mockball is not necessary, though the timing is tighter than other rooms, since the ceiling is low.
Norfair Ice Beam Gate Room Any% Ice Escape Mockball Show Intermediate Video
By freezing both green platforms in place next to the second pillar, you can run along the length of them to get enough speed to make it past the gate, using a short-hop mockball.

If you have Speed Booster, you can save time by standing up and running as soon as you're done passing under the first gate.
Norfair Kronic Boost Room All GT Code Dive Show Intermediate Video
A simple and swift way to set up for lava dive in GT Code categories.
Norfair GT Room GT Classic GT Code Show Beginner Video
GT Code is activated by pressing all four face buttons during a transition into the Golden Torizo's room. It gives you 700 Energy, 300 Reserve Energy, 100 Missiles, 20 Super Missiles, 20 Power Bombs, and all major items except for Screw Attack. Note that Spazer and Plasma are activated by default and if this beam combination is shot, it will crash the game.
Norfair Post Crocomire Jump Room All Grapple Items without Hi-Jump Show Beginner Video
If you have Power Bombs and Speed Booster (or just Speed Booster if you can do a Stutter-3 through the blocks), you can wall jump to an appropriate height to reach the Grapple Room door.
Norfair Post Crocomire Jump Room All Grapple Item without Power Bombs Show Beginner Video
If you have Speed Booster and Hi Jump Boots, you can run off of the leftmost Kamer (yellow floating platform) and walljump to reach the Grapple Room door.
Norfair Bubble Mountain All fukcfb Show Intermediate Video
Was originally a 100% strat from behemoth since you have Spazer, but it can be done without Spazer.

It's tricky
Norfair Crocomire Speedway All Di10 Spark Show Intermediate Video
You can get a Spike Suit from the spikes at the bottom of the Crocomire Speedway. Can be used to cross the Gravitron bootless, or as a backup after missing the Crocomire wall Spike Suit.
Norfair Crumble Shaft All Crumble Shaft rando item check Show Beginner Video
Hold an angle button through the door transition, while letting go of the dpad, and you will stop on a dime on the solid block next to the door. This will allow you to check the item location in randomizer without falling down.

Just be careful about the Dessgeega when going back in the previous room, since suitless they do 80 damage.
Norfair Crumble Shaft 100% Crumble Shaft missiles (optimal) Show Advanced Video
Fire a shot as you crest the third small hill, and release dash at the same time. This will open the door with enough time that you can run through. Start holding another shot before you hit the door, and release shot during the door transition. Once the next room loads, the shot should fire automatically, and you can jump to the other side.

The window on this jump is very small before you hit the crumble blocks, so you'll need to be precise. If the second Dessgeega jumps low, you'll need to fire the shot while Samus is inside its hitbox, where you can fire it earlier if the Dessgeega jumps high.
Norfair Crumble Shaft 100% Crumble Shaft missiles (intermediate) Show Intermediate Video
In the beginner strategy, the shinespark crash animation does cost time, so it would be faster to Space Jump across the room, as long as you're confident in not falling down.

One thing to watch out for is that the missile pack takes about 10 frames to spawn after the shot block gets destroyed, so in order for Samus' hitbox to touch the missile pack without falling past it, you will generally need to fire your shot at the peak of a jump, or while rising.
Norfair Crumble Shaft 100% Crumble Shaft missiles (beginner) Show Beginner Video
This strat uses a shinespark to reach the missile location.

You can attempt a 2-tap short charge, and if you run into one of the enemies you can continue holding Dash and Left, and use your i-frames to get through the rest of the enemies. Then charge the shinespark, open the door, and spark through. After you crash against the wall, hold Left and Angle Down and fire a shot, and you'll pick up the item.
Norfair Crocomire's Room All Crocomire Skip Show Advanced Video
A video demonstrating and explaining the most conveniant Crocomire skip method in both directions. Aiming for being able to obtain the items behind Crocomire without actually ever killing him.
Norfair Double Chamber All Chamber Jump (no crawl) Show Advanced Video
Getting out of Double Chamber with only Speed Booster and 3 Energy Tanks. Shorter Speed Booster jumps without Hi-Jump Boots can lead to strange jump heights, but jumping on the right pixel can let you escape if you dont know how to make Metroid crawl.
Norfair Bubble Mountain All Bubble Mountain Delayed Walljump Show Beginner Video
After you start pressing the d-pad away from the wall, there's a window of frames where you can press Jump and get the walljump. In order to get past the ledge to the green door, you need to wait near the end of that window.

This also applies to several other overhangs, such as Plasma Room, and Worst Room in the Game (WRITG).
Norfair Bubble Mountain All Bubble Mountain Damage Boost Show Beginner Video
The dboost from this waver can be used to easily reach the Green Bubbles Missile Room in the top left, faster than the delayed wall jump or Infinite Bomb Jump.
Norfair Lava Dive Room All Bootless Lava Dive Show Advanced Video
By taking damage from one of the Namihe shots while standing on top of another Namihe it's possible to gain enough i-frames to do a series of walljumps on the spikes to get across to the right side and then up.
Norfair Ice Beam Gate Room All Beginner's Ice Escape Show Beginner Video
This technique uses the Bomb Spread technique to launch bouncing bombs up, which destroy the block that's in the way.
Norfair Main Hall 100% Acid Statue Spring Ball Show Intermediate Video
The Speed Booster can give you the blue state from a 2-tap, which will allow you to get through the flame jets easily and quickly.

The springball through the door is much more difficult though, so a beginner can just skip that and Space Jump to the door before opening it.
Norfair Crocomire's Room 100% "New Route" Crocomire Show Beginner Video
Just a quick little demonstration of how to do the croc wrap around thingie.