Area Room Category Name Description Difficulty Video
Wrecked Ship Wrecked Ship Main Shaft All Wrecked Ship Ceiling Clip Show Beginner Video
To pass through the floor on the way to the attic, break only the top block of a vertical pair. Spinjump into this space and Angle Down before you land. If you did it right, you'll notice your feet are in the block. Let go of Angle down, and jump to pass through the floor above you.
Wrecked Ship East Missile Room 100% Worker Robot Fast Strat Show Beginner Video
This is very finicky, because what the robots do is sometimes unexpected.
Wrecked Ship Attic All Street Sweeper Show Intermediate Video
Not the best strat in KPDR even though it's faster than left side due to ammo and health usage, but it's easier than left side. Would recommend to players who still do the attic spark and are having health issues.
Wrecked Ship Sponge Bath All Sponge Bath Strats Show Intermediate Video
A list off all the different strats to get through Sponge Bath (as far as I'm aware). There are other ways of doing these strats, but I only showed one way for each. For the speed booster method, a three tap is all that is needed, you don't need to do a stutter. On the spring ball jump, make sure you don't pause too early or late. The bomb jumps are pretty precise so they can be difficult. You want to place the bombs about where they are in the video, and they can even be a little higher. The bomb jumps are exactly the same with power bombs as well. If you run low on power bombs, the Bull (sponge) will drop some. Any of these methods can be forced in Total's randomizer.
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room All Phantoon Super Frame Tutorial Show Advanced Video
Frame Perfect Super Missile Phantoon Strats
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room All Phantoon Pattern Recognition and X-Factors Show Intermediate Video
Video by hcfwesker
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room 100% Phantoon 2-Round Xfactor Show Intermediate Video
Here is the best way to do a 2 round phantoon with xfactor. This is dbx's not mine.
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room Any% Phantoon 2-Round Doppler Show Advanced Video
This is a really good visualization video that shows how one would optimally do each of the (usual) patterns for each of the rounds. Note that this isn't quite the fastest way possible because sometimes it's faster to shoot him before he goes offscreen.
Wrecked Ship Attic All Left Side Show Advanced Video
The best attic strat for KPDR because you get multiple drops, use no health, and use the least amount of supers.
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room Any% Ice+Wave+Spazer 3-round Show Beginner Video
Saves a pause and does a 3 round if you're doing late ice and spazer any% route.

Also if you're doing 100% with ice clip and you cannot 2 round doppler consistently, then this is absolutely the fastest way to 3 round as Phantoon will never have to leave the screen.
Wrecked Ship Spiky Death Room 100% Full Death Room Shinespark Show Intermediate Video
I prefer the method where you don't land on the platform, but it's up to your discretion.
Wrecked Ship Attic All Double Double (PRKD equipment) Show Advanced Video
Really not worth it way too much ammo

Good for Rando tho
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room All Doppler rhythm Show Intermediate Video
The cooldown for missiles is 9 frames, but to avoid having an input not register by being too early, the ideal doppler spacing is 10 frames. This gives a tempo of 350 beats per minute, which this video essentially gives a metronome for.

This helps greatly with the Phantoon fight, although dopplers are also useful elsewhere in the game, like Spore Spawn, or missiling red doors.
Wrecked Ship Sponge Bath All 2 Tap Bowling Spark Show Beginner Video
Start moving forward at the moment the water reaches it's lowest point. The first tap happens about the same time as the splash animation that appears as you exit the water. The second tap should be right before you enter the door. This makes it quite a bit easier than the 1 tap method since it gives you more room to grab the spark and a bit of space for running speed through the door to bowling. Use the patch for InfoHUD that shows the dash counter to make sure you have both taps before you hit the door transition.
Wrecked Ship Attic 100% 2 Supers and Blue Show Intermediate Video
This one takes some practice.
Wrecked Ship Phantoon Room All 1 Round Phantoon Show Advanced Video
1 Round Phantoon strat by Shiny Zeni