Area Room Category Name Description Difficulty Video
Brinstar Kraid's Room All [epic] Kraid Quick Kill Show Beginner Video
Adding epic's tutorial here because it is a good one and helped me learn it.
Brinstar Red Tower All Upper Red Tower Spark Show Intermediate Video
This isn't used in any categories, but is a neat trick to know.
Brinstar Warehouse Entrance All Upper Norfair Elevator Crystal Flash Suit Show Beginner Video
Obtain a Flash Suit from the Business Center elevator. Uses: shinespark to bypass gates to get Ice Beam in Dashless categories, or obtain a Blue Suit without needing Speed Booster.

Setting up

First, make sure you meet all the criteria for crystal flashing: Empty any Reserve Tanks, Energy is 50 or less, have at least 10 Missiles, 10 Super Missiles, and 11 Power Bombs. (Since the Power Bomb placement is tricky, the more you start with, the better!)

Second, turn off ALL BEAM upgrades.

Now, stand on the elevator, slightly off-center, and face left. Note the 4 horizontal lines in the background above the elevator.

Here's what you do

Jump and do a mid-air morph while ascending. (You should be in ball form when you hit the ceiling.)

On the way down, lay a Power Bomb so that it's in the center between the bottom two horizontal lines.

As soon as you lay the power bomb, unmorph and hold R+Shot. (You don't need to worry about standing, since the bounce from the bomb will stand you up.)

Count 5 shots, and as soon as the fifth shot releases, press and hold L in addition to R and Shot. (I actually count it off like 1-2, 1, 2, 3)

Press down as soon as the 5th shot hits the ceiling. Here's the key: The correct frame is when you hear the collision sound effect, but before you see the explosion.

Why does this work?

Bonking on the ceiling will normalize your fall speed and ensure that you pass through the correct vertical pixel.

When you lay a Power Bomb, your beam is disabled for a moment until the PB enters the second state of its animation cycle (it starts spinning faster after a moment). So, by holding Shot, you will fire as soon as your beam is unlocked, therefore the timing is consistent!
Brinstar Warehouse Energy Tank Room All Turnaround Tank Show Intermediate Video
Seems more consistent and about as fast as the bomb strat for this room. Turn around under the tank to avoid getting screwed by the collision oscillator. Can be done with only one missile with better item selecting.
Brinstar Green Shaft All TAS Dance Breakdown/Tutorial Show Advanced Video
A human setup for the formerly “TAS Only” green brinstar clip for early Power Bombs. No Dachora Room Moondance Required
Brinstar Big Pink 100% Spore Spawn Super Block Reach Around Show Beginner Video
Make sure to get a good visual cue.
Brinstar Waterway Energy Tank Room All Shinepark to ETank without Gravity Show Intermediate Video
How to Shinespark to the Waterway Energy Tank item location without gravity suit
Brinstar Red Tower 100% Red Tower Downgrab Show Intermediate Video
This is quite tricky. The key is to get a good delayed walljump.
Brinstar Pink Brinstar Power Bomb Room 100% Pink Brinstar Powerbomb Quickdrop Escape Show Beginner Video
A quick tutorial on how exactly this quickdrop and escape works. Apparently this is called mission impossible.
Brinstar Pink Brinstar Hopper Room All Pink Brin Reverse Green Gate Glitch Show Beginner Video
A simple way to get past the gate in this room without having wave. Works with and without high jump, although HJ definitely makes things easier.
Brinstar Noob Bridge All Noob Bridge Spike Suit Flash Suit Show Beginner Video
Items Needed: Speed Booster, Morphing Ball, Bombs (or a Power Bomb), turn off Springball

0. (optional) Kill all the frogs and cacti around the bridge.

1. Run along the bridge (either direction) and crouch to store a shinespark.

2. Morph, lay a bomb and bounce upward.

3. On the frame you hit the spikes, or the frame after, mash the jump button!

If done correctly, you will be blue and suspended midair. Activate a Shinespark by pressing Jump along with Up, R, or Forward (It doesn't matter, since you'll crash immediately). You now have a Shinespark stored!

There are great resources that explain Spike Suits more thoroughly, but I decided that there should be a simple and easy guide to set one up. Click here for more info on Spike Suits!
Brinstar Dachora Room All Moondance Tutorial Show Beginner Video
Have had some questions recently about how Moondance works/how to do it, so I recorded a tutorial thing about it. :)
Brinstar Red Tower Any% Lower Red Tower with only Hi Jump Boots Show Beginner Video
The walljump off of the ledge will be in the logic of most randomizers, as long as you have Hi Jump Boots. Ice Beam is not necessary to climb this room.

It's also used for Any% KPDR, after the runners drop Early Ice.
Brinstar Kraid's Room All Kraid Quick Kill (Both Strats) Show Beginner Video
Just a quick tutorial I made for some people asking for it.
Brinstar Kraid's Room All Kraid Quick Kill Show Beginner Video
Shows the 2 missile kill and has some info on the 4 super method.
Brinstar Green Shaft All Ice clip through PB floor in Green Shaft Show Beginner Video
The most useless ice clip in the game. seriously, unless you moondanced into here in a rando, have ice beam, and have no power bombs, just get one from a beetom.

if you are blackelitejohn, just time the shot right, and you can get out of the etecoons area without power bombs
Brinstar Red Tower Elevator Any% High Bomb (KPDR) Show Intermediate Video
If you bonk the door coming out of alpha power bombs and release run in the door transition you can jump up to that first platform without needing to wall jump.

The speedy jump after the second cacatac is tricky and doesn't save much time, so opting to skip that is probably best.
Brinstar Green Hill Zone All Fly Boost Show Beginner Video
Use mockball to get under the first sidehopper. Charge shot the second one and the gate then dboost off the fly.
Brinstar Hellway All Falling Zeela Farm Show Advanced Video
Try to fire the Missile as you land instead of after you land.
Brinstar Fire Flea Room All Extensive Tutorial for early Xray with different Backups Show Intermediate Video
This video demonstrates how to safely and consistently get to early X-ray without Grapple or Spacejump and covers a wide variety of possible backups in case the last Damageboost is missed.
Brinstar Early Super Room All Early Super Missiles Mockball Show Beginner Video
Mockball is a key trick for speedruns that allows skipping intended Spore Spawn super missiles in pink brinstar. Mockball allows Samus to keep her running speed when she morphs into a ball and get under the gates at crumble block bridge in green brinstar. Normally this bridge would require speed booster.

This early supers tutorial is made by Kottpower.
Brinstar Dachora Room All Double Reo Farm Show Intermediate Video
Allows both Reos to be farmed. Requires having a Missile. For lower-percentage categories, that would basically mean having acquired a Missile drop from the Waver when acquiring Super Missiles.
Brinstar Warehouse Kihunter Room All Damageless & Missileless Show Intermediate Video
All it takes is a handful of arm pumps. If you choose to fall into the hole by running over it rather than jumping into it as shown, you'll want to face down to not be cleaved by the other Kihunter.
Brinstar Blue Brinstar Energy Tank Room All CWJ E-Tank Inputs Show Advanced Video
Spent some time TASing together potential inputs to grab this e-tank with the CWJ. Thanks so much to Sniq for all the help!

Attempt at risk of your sanity and well being >:)
Brinstar Red Tower 14% Speed Bottom of Red Tower Spark Show Intermediate Video
A shortcharge leading into the energy recharge room to the left of Red Tower lets you skip an IBJ up.
Brinstar Blue Brinstar Energy Tank Room All Blue Brinstar E-Tank damage boost Show Beginner Video
The Tournament randomizer has in logic the ability to damage boost off of the Reo into the energy tank in the ceiling. You can do this by standing just to the right of the energy tank, and doing a full jump shortly before the Reo hits the ground during its swoop.

If you mess up, some people find it easier to just reset the room. Alternatively, you could kill the Reo and wait for the Geemer to come around so you can damage boost off of it.
Brinstar Blue Brinstar Boulder Room All Blue Brinstar Boulder Room suitless Show Beginner Video
In Full Randomizer, you'll often want to check the Billy Mays Room before picking up Gravity Suit. To get on top of the invisible platform in the Boulder Room, jump into the door transition. You may need to walljump off of the side of the invisible platform if you have Hi-Jump Boots or if you jump into the door very early.

After checking the items, you can make it through the door just by firing an angle-down shot and running through, but the timing of that shot can be tough. Otherwise, you'll end up in the water. To get out, you can do a crouch-jump downgrab when the water level is at its highest, as shown in the video. Alternatively, you can run and walljump below the door when the water is at its lowest.
Brinstar Warehouse Energy Tank Room All Beetomic Bomb Show Intermediate Video
This is faster than using a Missile. TAS would use multiple Missiles instead of this. But for humans, this is basically the fastest thing you can be doing for this room. Hardest aspect of this strategy is cleanly grabbing the tank with a walljump check. It's easy to either not touch it or be too close to it and get yourself inside the gap in the ceiling, which makes your exit worse.
Brinstar Hellway Any% 3 farm (KPDR) Show Intermediate Video
Just about half a second slower than doing 2 dboosts, and you get 3 drops. Unfortunately Zeelas mainly drop missiles and small energy, so this is really not worth it unless you are absolutely desperate.
Brinstar Spore spawn All 2 round spore spawn missile only Show Intermediate Video
Kill spore spawn in two rounds with only missiles
Brinstar Red Tower Elevator Any% 1 Farm (PRKD) Show Intermediate Video
You do two uppercut shots and you have to downgrab the ledge to make it.
Brinstar Fire Flea Room All 0 Tank XRay Pickup Show Advanced Video
How to collect X-Ray Scope with 0 energy tanks.