Area Room Category Name Description Difficulty Video
Crateria Landing Site 100% Wrap-Around Shot (Wave) Show Beginner Video
Wrap-Around Shot (Wave) Picture. Hold charge at the pixel in the picture. Release shot and run right at the same time until the wrap-around is achieved.
Crateria Moat All Spring ball over the moat Show Beginner Video
Useful for randomizer. If you have springball, you can mid-air morph, bounce off of the missile platform, and land on the other side.

It is technically possible to do this with Hi-Jump Boots, but significantly harder, so you'll likely want to turn them off before attempting this.
Crateria Parlor Any% Space Jump Speedball Show Beginner Video
In KPDR, the optimal strat for getting through Parlor at the end of the game on the way to Tourian is to Space Jump through the bomb blocks, but this variation is significantly easier, and only slightly slower.

Jump over the mound, use Space Jump to stay in the air, then morph into a Speedball on the far side of the pit. You can use the ceiling so that you can make the Space Jump a full jump.

Optimally, you will unmorph sooner than in the video, so you can open the door sooner.
Crateria West Ocean 100% Sky Missile collection Show Beginner Video
To collect the top "Sky Missile", the easiest method is to use a diagonal shinespark launched from the isolated floating island, but this does cost both the time of the crash animation, and has a health cost as well.

Optimally, you can jump up from the top of the ridge, and arrest your horizontal momentum at the right moment to hit the missile location.

The "intended" strat is to ride the Trippers in succession to the upper missile location, so while this is tedious, it's in logic for Item Randomizer, with any item set that allows access to Wrecked Ship. This is especially time-consuming because the Trippers only move when they're on-screen.
Crateria Pit Room All S Pits Show Beginner Video
A fast way to kill the pirates and get a dboost.
Crateria Pit Room All Reverse Lower Norfair Show Intermediate Video
Enter LN through single chamber
Crateria Parlor All Parlor blocks with speed booster, no short charge Show Beginner Video
Randomizers often require breaking through the parlor with speed booster. Here's how to do it if you can't pull off the short charge.
Crateria Parlor All Parlor blocks with only Speed Booster Show Beginner Video
If you only have Speed Booster, you can get through these bomb blocks in Parlor with no other items. Even easier randomizers will have this in logic because you can build a shinespark from the Ship, then jump over the mound, and shinespark through the bomb blocks. However, this is much easier.

This only requires a 1-tap to get the Blue Suit before you reach the end of the platform. From the mound, start walking left, then begin holding Dash half a second later.
Crateria West Ocean Any% Ocean Fly Show Intermediate Video
Open the Power Bomb door in the Kihunter Room, charge a shinespark, and go through the door to the Moat. Spinjump towards the pillar, fire a shot at the door, then activate the shinespark with Up or Angle Up, let go, press Right, then press Jump. If you time it right, the shot will hit the door and open it before you fly through.

The shot is most commonly a Super Missile, but can be a Missile or beam shot, but these have different timings.

The much easier alternative is the two-spark, starting the first spark in the Kihunter Room, then doing a separate spark in West Ocean. This is slightly slower, but much easier, and saves the health of sparking across the first part of West Ocean.
Crateria Statues Hallway All Mockball practice room Show Beginner Video
The Statues Hallway lies between the Statues Room ("Golden Four"), and the Green Pirates Shaft. This room is wide open, long, and has a flat floor, making it ideal to practice mockballs.

The Early Supers mockball has a door transition in the middle and has a small gap between the ceiling and the platform, which can make learning the necessary inputs tougher.
Crateria Moat All Horizontal Bomb Jump Show Intermediate Video
Horizontal Bomb Jump (HBJ) for crossing the moat. By Twocat.

Imgur album by sweetnumb explaining this trick.
Crateria West Ocean All Gravity Suit Backdoor (Bowling skip) Show Intermediate Video
It is possible to enter the Gravity Suit room from the back door using Grapple to get stuck inside the wall and then doing a Crystal Flash to force-stand. After that you can X-Ray climb up into the door transition.

Note that this still requires Phantoon to be defeated, otherwise Gravity Suit will not be spawned at its location.
Crateria Climb Room All Grab climb Show Intermediate Video
Use ledge grabs to quickly climb while avoiding the pirates.
Crateria Terminator Room All Full Speed Terminator Show Advanced Video
If you can time your shots appropriately, you can move through this room with as much speed (i.e. do as much arm pumping) as you can handle. There are potential backups for the end of the room in the event you miss a shot and take a hit.
Crateria Moat All CWJ over the Moat Show Intermediate Video
LackAttack24 learning how to Continuous Wall Jump over the Moat to get to West Ocean.
Crateria Crateria Super Room All Crateria Supers without Ice Beam Show Beginner Video
From the pits with the Boyons, run left towards the door, and charge a shinespark. Then run to the right, jumping over the pits. The blue suit from the speed booster will prevent them from knocking you down. Then you can shinespark up the shaft, so you can grab the Climb Supers.

The infohud counter at the top left shows the duration of the shinespark, you can see that the window for the spark is relatively tight.
Crateria Ceres Stair Room All Ceres Magnet Stairs Normalization Show Beginner Video
I've been working on a setup for this and found something that I think works for me. Wanted to share.
Crateria Parlor All Alcatraz escape Show Beginner Video
Very basic trick that requires three accurate wall jumps and insta-morph from third wall jump. Tutorial is made by madpeter and shows inputs.
Crateria Parlor All Alcatraz Show Beginner Video
A walljump+morph in succession lets you escape this part of the room the way you entered instead of going around.
Crateria Bowling Alley All 1 tap bowling spark Show Beginner Video
Recreation of a 15 year old strategy for bowling sparks. Original video is here:

Recreation done to show magic pants + button presses