Area Room Category Name Description Difficulty Video
Everywhere Any Any% Zoast's Tutorial Show Beginner Video
Zoast's (Zoasty) any% tutorial. More modern but longer and more in depth.
Everywhere Any Reverse Boss Order Zeni's RBO Tutorial Show Intermediate Video
A Playlist Collection of videos I recorded and released to help people with learning/running Single Norfair RBO.
Everywhere Any Any% Zeni's PRKD Tutorial Show Intermediate Video
A Playlist Collection of videos I recorded and released to help people learning/running Any% PRKD
Everywhere Any All Vertical IBJ into CIBJ Show Beginner Video
I'd definitely say the hardest part of this is the CIBJ.
Everywhere Any All Sweetnumb's stutter tutorial Show Beginner Video
Explains stuttering for short charges.
Everywhere Any All Super Short Charge Tutorial Show Beginner Video
This is a tutorial by DbX explaining how to charge a shinespark in a small space.
Everywhere Any All Spikesuit/Flashsuit Tutorial Show Intermediate Video
A little Spikesuit/Flashsuit Tutorial I made for a few people asking for it.
Everywhere Any All Sinking IBJ Show Advanced Video
A quick explanation for the technique behind vertical and diagonal sinking IBJs.
Everywhere Any All Shortcharge Tutorial (2) Show Beginner Video
A second shortcharge tutorial, just in case.
Everywhere Any All Short Charge/Stuttering Tutorial Show Intermediate Video
I was asked on stream to go over this again, and I think this one is probably good enough to be considered an actual tutorial.
Everywhere Any All Shinespark frame window Show Beginner Video
The window of time between when you activate a grounded shinespark and when you can press a directional button is half a second -- specifically, if you press jump to activate it on Frame 0, you can press right and jump as early as Frame 2, and as late as Frame 30. Jump technically doesn't need to be held, but that will be easiest for all non-TAS runs. If the inputs aren't correctly done for an angle or horizontal shinespark in this window, it will be vertical.

The window of time to press right or angle up with an aerial shinespark is almost the same as a grounded shinespark -- 1 to 29 frames after activating it, instead of 2 to 30.

This video shows the shinespark being activated on the last frame possible (3 seconds after charging), and then the shinespark being started on the last frame (half a second after activating).
Everywhere Any All Oatsngoats and Sweetnumb any% tutorial Show Beginner Video
any% old route tutorial by Oatsngoats and Sweetnumb
Everywhere Any All NTSC and PAL wrap around on crateria and croc Show Beginner Video
in this tutorial i am showing where you can do the wrap around shot on those place, but all the place you can in those place not just one or 2 different one, and then be able to use a shinespark to go into the area you need fast.

for PAL since the practice rom don't seems to be acurate with shinespark you will need to test where you need to charge your shinespark to use it corectly
Everywhere Any Any% Mishrak's beginner any% tutorial Show Beginner Video
A modern any% tutorial for absolute beginners.
Everywhere Any 100% Mid-Air Springball Jumping Show Beginner Video
Useful in many places e.g. ascending red tower, screw attack, main street, writg, pre-Draygon.
Everywhere Any All Kojakt's Stutter 3 tap tutorial Show Intermediate Video
Shortcharge tutorial.
Everywhere Any All Green Gate Glitch Show Beginner Video
The Green Gate Glitch is a glitch lets you open left-facing gates from the right side using precise movement and shooting a super missile at the right time.

To perform the Green Gate Glitch, stand at least a pixel behind the gate, aiming up+left, and jump. Immediately after jumping, press left, then immediately fire a Super Missile. With proper timing, the gate should open.

Note that this is also possible to do with Blue Gates as well, and if doing it with a Blue Gate it is possible to use regular missiles as well.
Everywhere Any Any% Golden's Tutorial Show Beginner Video
Golden's any% tutorial
Everywhere Any All Galamoz Spikesuit Tutorial Show Intermediate Video
A Spikesuit/Flashsuit/Sparksuit tutorial by Galamoz
Everywhere Any Any% Galamoz movement tutorial Show Beginner Video
Galamoz teaching movement principals using any% KPDR as an example.
Everywhere Any Reverse Boss Order Foosda's Reverse Boss Order Tutorial Show Advanced Video
Reverse Boss Order tutorial.
Everywhere Any All Flash Suit to Blue Suit w/ Crystal Spark Show Beginner Video
0. Obtain a Flash Suit.

1. Bomb jump straight upward. (Alternately, roll off of a 4-tile-high ledge, but this setup is harder.)

2. As you fall, place a Power Bomb so that only a couple pixels are visible of Samus's shoulder when she's crouching. (Watch the video to see the correct placement.)

3. Allow the bounce from the Power Bomb to stand you up.

4. Watch the Power Bomb animation carefully. When you see the entire screen light up, wait 1 second, then tap Jump.

5. As soon as Samus begins the Shinespark animation, press and hold ONLY the Crystal Flash inputs (L, R, Down, Shot)
Everywhere Any All Elevator CF Show Beginner Video
Elevator crystal flash for a flash suite
Everywhere Any Any% Glitched Doorskip Any% Glitched Tutorial Show Advanced Video
Kinda long. Timestamps with individual strats/segments are included in the description.
Everywhere Any All Diagonal IBJ into Vertical IBJ Show Intermediate Video
This is actually quite easy, considering one already knows how to diagonal IBJ.
Everywhere Any All Diagonal IBJ Show Intermediate Video
This is definitely something that requires a lot of practice, but eventually it will just click.
Everywhere Any All Crystal Spark Blue Suit Show Advanced Video
If a Shinespark is started and then interrupted by entering a Crystal Flash, after the Crystal Flash is done you will be left having Blue Suit.

This trick is very precise and requires pixel perfect positioning for the powerbomb and a very tight window to activate the Shinespark. Check the video carefully to understand the timing.
Everywhere Any All Collision Oscillator Show Beginner Video
The game detects whether Samus is in contact with tiles every other frame. As a result, items in the ceiling like this only have a 50% chance of being collected each attempt if you contact both the item and the ceiling tile adjacent to it.
Everywhere Any All Arm Pumping Show Beginner Video
While running, each change in position of Samus' cannon moves her forward by one pixel.

While mashing as fast as possible will create the most arm pumps and give the most benefit, even a relaxed arm pump will speed up several rooms by a significant number of frames.

That said, it is important to keep in mind the small amount of timesave relative to other aspects of the run -- it's best to avoid arm pumping if it has a chance of interfering with other controls. In this example, accidentally shooting a Super while holding Angle Up or Angle Down will likely result in bonking the door, and will cost much more time than arm pumping saved for that room.
Everywhere Any Any% Glitched Any% Glitched Tutorial Show Advanced Video
This tutorial goes through the tricks and the OOB travel needed to complete the Any% Glitched category.
Everywhere Any All Angle Turn-cancel Show Beginner Video
Keep in mind that this only moves Samus to the right, as shown in the video.
Everywhere Any All Alternate Elevator Crystal Flash Suits Show Beginner Video
This is an appendix to my previous guide explaining how to obtain a Flash Suit from the Upper Norfair Elevator. Read this first!

Uses: backup strat or alternate route for Dashless runs. Get certain items without SpeedBooster. Something to do with underflowing ammo for Low Beam% maybe?

Every setup:
All beam upgrades must be disabled. Hi-Jump can be disabled to make PB placement easier. Be familiar with where the PB should look relative to Samus's hip! If you hear the "zwoosh" from the end of the PB sound effect, you pressed down too early! You should always hear the elevator!

Green/Blue Brinstar:
Stand on the left side of the elevator and face left. You have 3-4 pixels of leeway here. To get the correct vertical offset, hold jump, then hold down as well. Morph just after bonking on the ceiling. The frame to go down the elevator is the same as the Upper Norfair setup. If done right, you will hear the shot collide with the side of the overhang, but the collision particle will not be visible.

Lower Norfair:
Placing the PB is the same as the Green/Blue Brinstar setups: Hold jump, hold down, bonk, morph, PB. Get used to how the PB should look relative to Samus's hip, because there is no background sprite to align with here! After placing the PB, hold L+R+Shot to shoot straight up. Press down just as your last shot rises above the vertical portion of the overhangs.

Red Tower/Maridia:
This is trickier. The platform in the middle of the room is placed such that you must bonk off of it with a spin jump! Because of this, there's no way to set up your X coordinate for a nice audio cue. Spin jump, bonk off the bottom of the platform, press Down twice to morph, then place your PB. You can fire diagonal shots to help your rhythm, and your last shot will be somewhere near the center of the 4-square in the background. Obviously, the farther left your spin jump takes you, the farther left your shot will be when you want to go down the elevator.
Everywhere Any All 3-Bomb Vertical IBJ Show Intermediate Video
Remember to delay the upper bomb.